The Destruction of Tolga’s Diploma at the Kına Ceremony

1. Women Individually Damaging the Diploma

Throughout the event, there were several instances where women were seen causing damage to the diploma. One woman, dressed in high heels, carelessly stepped on the diploma, leaving clear scuff marks and creases on its surface. Despite the visible damage caused by her shoes, she seemed oblivious to the destruction she was causing.

Another woman, with a more aggressive attitude, intentionally stomped on the diploma with her boots, leaving deep imprints and tears on the delicate paper. Her actions displayed a blatant disregard for the significance of the diploma and the hard work it represented.

A third woman, appearing nonchalant and disinterested, casually dragged her feet across the diploma as she passed by. The friction caused by her shoes created scratches and smudges on the surface, further diminishing the value of the document.

These women, whether inadvertently or intentionally, played a role in damaging the diploma through their actions and attitudes. The repeated instances of disrespect towards the diploma highlighted the need for increased awareness and care when handling such important documents.

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2. Cumulative Damage from Different Shoe Types

Wearing different types of shoes can have a significant impact on the diploma over time. Heels, strappy sandals, pumps, stilettos, and wedges all contribute to the wear and tear of the diploma, leading to tears and punctures.

Heels are a common type of shoe that can cause damage to the diploma. The pressure exerted by the heels can lead to the formation of punctures on the surface of the diploma. Similarly, strappy sandals with their thin and sharp edges can also cause tears in the diploma. Pumps, with their pointed toes, can contribute to the weakening of the diploma, making it more susceptible to damage.

Stilettos, known for their thin and high heels, can put immense pressure on the diploma, leading to punctures and tears. The height of the stilettos can also cause the diploma to bend and fold in unnatural ways, further damaging it. On the other hand, wedges, with their broad base, may not cause as much pressure as stilettos, but they can still contribute to the overall wear and tear of the diploma.

It is important to be mindful of the type of shoes worn when handling the diploma to prevent unnecessary damage. Regularly inspecting the diploma for any signs of wear and tear caused by different shoe types can help in preserving its integrity for years to come.

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3. Esin’s Involvement in the Destruction

During the Kına ceremony, Esin’s reactions played a significant role in the damaging of the diploma. As the music played and the festive atmosphere took hold, Esin found herself caught up in the joyous moment. She began to dance with exuberance, twirling and moving energetically to the beat of the music.

However, in her excitement, Esin failed to notice that she was getting dangerously close to the table where the diploma was displayed. With a sudden spin, Esin’s arm accidentally knocked into the table, causing the diploma to topple over and crash to the ground. The impact of the fall resulted in a significant tear in the diploma, rendering it damaged beyond repair.

Esin’s contribution to the destruction of the diploma was unintentional, driven by her enthusiastic dancing and the spirit of the celebration. Despite her regret at the outcome, Esin’s actions served as a reminder of the fragility of objects in crowded and lively settings. In the aftermath of the incident, Esin offered her sincerest apologies and expressed her willingness to make amends for the mistake.

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4. Tolga’s Helpless Observation of the Destruction

As Tolga stands on the sidelines, he watches in horror as his hard-earned diploma is trampled under the feet of the carefree, dancing women. His heart sinks as he sees the edges of the diploma curling up, the ink smudging, and the paper becoming wrinkled. He feels a sense of helplessness wash over him, knowing that there is nothing he can do to save his precious document from its inevitable fate.

Tolga’s distress is palpable as he witnesses the destruction unfolding before his eyes. The diploma represented years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. It was a symbol of his achievements and the key to his future aspirations. Now, seeing it being reduced to a mere piece of paper being destroyed by revelers adds insult to injury.

Despite his inner turmoil, Tolga remains frozen in place, unable to bring himself to intervene. He is torn between the desire to protect his diploma and the fear of causing a scene at the festive event. He clenches his fists, feeling a mix of anger, sorrow, and regret swirl inside him. The once pristine diploma is now a grim reminder of his powerlessness in the face of chaos.

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5. Gradual Deterioration of the Diploma

As the hours of dancing in high heels continue, the diploma begins to show signs of wear and tear. At first, small creases and wrinkles appear along the edges where the diploma is constantly being handled. The once crisp and smooth surface starts to lose its original sheen, becoming dull and slightly worn.

With each step taken in the high heels, the diploma is subjected to pressure and friction, causing the corners to fray and the paper to buckle. The delicate calligraphy and intricate design of the diploma start to fade and blur as the ink is rubbed off by the repeated movements.

As time passes, the diploma becomes increasingly fragile and brittle. The paper, weakened by the constant bending and twisting, begins to tear along the folds, creating unsightly rips and tears that mar its once flawless appearance. The once proud symbol of accomplishment now bears the visible scars of its ordeal.

Ultimately, after hours of dancing in high heels, the diploma is left in an unrecognizable state. The once pristine document now resembles a crumpled and tattered relic of its former self. Its original beauty and significance have been lost to the relentless demands of the dance floor, serving as a reminder of the toll that constant movement and pressure can take on even the most treasured possessions.

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6. Esin’s Cruel Comment and Final Humiliation

After all the emotional turmoil Tolga had gone through, Esin’s final act of breaking up with him was the ultimate blow to his already shattered heart. Her cruel comment during the breakup only added to his humiliation. The way she coldly delivered the news, without a hint of remorse, was like a knife twisted in his chest.

But what truly crushed Tolga was when Esin casually referenced the destroyed diploma he had worked so hard to achieve. It was a stark reminder of not only the end of their relationship but also of the loss of something that held great value to him. The diploma, now in ruins, symbolized not just his academic success but also his emotional investment in Esin.

As Tolga processed the harsh words and callous actions of Esin, he couldn’t help but feel a mixture of anger and sadness. The betrayal cut deep, and the final humiliation was like salt rubbed into his wounds. It was a bitter pill to swallow, knowing that someone he cared for could treat him with such disdain.

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