The Destruction of Tolga’s Diploma at the Kına Ceremony

1. The Women’s Individual Reactions

As the diploma lay on the ground, three women walked past, each noticing it but choosing to step on it anyway.

Woman 1

Woman 1 had a haughty demeanor, with perfectly styled hair and designer sunglasses perched on top of her head. She wore expensive high heels that clicked loudly as she purposefully stepped on the diploma. The heel left a deep imprint, causing a tear in the paper that was clearly visible.

Woman 2

Woman 2 exuded confidence, wearing a sleek business suit and carrying a designer handbag. Her stiletto heels were sharp and pointed, causing significant damage as she carelessly crushed the diploma underfoot. The edges of the paper were now frayed and crumpled, a stark contrast to its previous pristine condition.

Woman 3

Woman 3 had a casual, laid-back style, wearing trendy sneakers and a denim jacket. She seemed unfazed by the diploma lying in her path and nonchalantly stepped on it. Despite her casual appearance, the impact of her sneaker sole left a visible scuff mark on the diploma, adding to the damage inflicted by the previous two women.

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2. Various Shoe Types

Detail the damage caused by different types of heels such as strappy sandals, pumps, stiletto heels, and wedge heels, including how foot sweat makes the diploma weaker.

Strappy sandals can lead to foot pain and instability due to lack of support. Pumps cause pressure on the front of the foot and can lead to corns and calluses. Stiletto heels put significant strain on the ankles and can cause long-term damage to the foot’s structure. Wedge heels, while more comfortable, can still lead to issues like ankle instability and poor posture.

Regardless of the type of heel, prolonged wear can weaken the foot muscles and ligaments, making them more susceptible to injuries. Additionally, foot sweat can weaken the material of the shoe, causing it to lose its shape and support over time. This combination of factors can contribute to foot pain, discomfort, and even long-term foot issues like plantar fasciitis or tendonitis.

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3. Esin’s Cruel Actions

Describe Esin’s reactions as she steps on the diploma while dancing and enjoying it, detailing her dance moves and effects on the diploma.

Esin’s actions were nothing short of cruelty. As she danced around the room in a fit of joy, she carelessly stepped on the diploma that lay on the floor. The once proud symbol of achievement was now being desecrated by Esin’s reckless movements.

Her dance moves were wild and energetic, with twirls and jumps that added to the destruction of the diploma. With each stomp and spin, the paper crumpled under her feet, the ink smudging and the corners bending out of shape.

It was evident that Esin took pleasure in the act, a twisted sense of satisfaction evident in her eyes as she continued to trample over the diploma. The more she danced, the more the diploma suffered, until it was nothing but a mangled mess of paper on the floor.

Her cruel actions spoke volumes about her character, a callous disregard for the hard work and dedication that the diploma represented. The once proud accomplishment was now reduced to nothing but a casualty of Esin’s thoughtless revelry.

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4. Tolga’s Helpless Observation

As Tolga entered the room and saw his cherished diploma lying on the desk, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Every detail of the damage done by the women was painfully evident to him. The once pristine paper now had creases on the edges from rough handling. The gold-embossed emblem that was once gleaming now had scratches across its surface.

His heart sank as he realized the extent of the destruction caused by their careless actions. Tolga’s diploma, a symbol of his hard work and dedication, was now marred beyond recognition. He felt a sense of helplessness wash over him as he tried to come to terms with what had happened.

With each passing moment, Tolga’s dismay only grew. The women had not only disrespected his achievement but had also disregarded his feelings. He felt a deep sense of regret for leaving his prized possession in their care, only to have it mishandled and damaged.

Despite his best efforts to remain composed, Tolga couldn’t help but feel a sense of betrayal. The once beautiful diploma was now a painful reminder of the carelessness and lack of respect shown towards his accomplishments. Tolga’s helpless observation of the damage done to his diploma left him feeling defeated and disillusioned.

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5. Gradual Damage Progression

Describe the gradual damage and condition change of the diploma over hours of dancing from many women, leaving it unrecognizable and stuck under the soles of dancing women.

As the hours of dancing progress, the diploma undergoes a gradual transformation. Initially pristine and perfectly preserved, it begins to show signs of wear and tear. The edges start to fray, the once crisp paper now crumpled and creased.

With each step taken by the dancing women, the diploma becomes more and more unrecognizable. Stuck under the soles of their shoes, it is subjected to immense pressure and friction. The ink starts to smudge, the colors running together in a chaotic mess.

Despite its diminishing condition, the diploma remains a silent witness to the festivities unfolding above it. The music continues to play, the laughter rings out, but the diploma lies forgotten and forlorn beneath the feet of the revelers.

By the end of the night, the diploma is a mere shadow of its former self. Battered, torn, and barely recognizable, it serves as a poignant reminder of the passage of time and the transient nature of all things.

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6. Esin’s Final Humiliation

As the tension between Esin and Tolga reaches its breaking point, Esin delivers a crushing blow with her final comment. With a cold and cruel tone, she breaks up with Tolga, further humiliating him in front of their peers. Unbeknownst to Esin, in the heat of the moment, she unknowingly stomps her foot down, crushing the most crucial part of Tolga’s diploma under her shoe sole.

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