The Young Monarch

1. Meeting at Buckingham Palace

Scotland’s parents engage with the English monarchy at Buckingham Palace.

Scotland’s parents, excited and slightly nervous, arrived at the grand gates of Buckingham Palace. As they passed through the gates, they were greeted by the immaculately dressed royal guards. Walking through the elaborate gardens, they were in awe of the beauty and grandeur of the palace.

Inside, they were ushered into a lavish reception room where they were to meet with members of the English monarchy. The Queen herself entered the room, and Scotland’s parents were struck by her regal presence. They exchanged pleasant greetings and engaged in polite conversation about various topics, including the history of their respective countries.

During the meeting, Scotland’s parents were able to express their gratitude for the hospitality shown to them during their visit to England. They also discussed the importance of maintaining strong diplomatic relations between their two nations.

As the meeting came to a close, Scotland’s parents were filled with a sense of pride and honor at having had the opportunity to engage with the English monarchy at Buckingham Palace. They left the palace feeling grateful for the experience and hopeful for continued positive relations between Scotland and England.

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2. Innocent Encounter

Scotland stumbled upon England, the young 2-year-old monarch, in the grand throne room. To Scotland’s surprise, England was seated on the majestic throne, clutching a bear plushie tightly to his chest. His other hand held a colorful sippy cup that was adorned with playful designs.

England’s innocent eyes widened in excitement as Scotland entered the room, his face lighting up with a smile upon seeing a familiar face. The young monarch’s laughter echoed through the vast chamber, creating a heartwarming atmosphere.

Curious about the scene before him, Scotland approached England with a mixture of amusement and tenderness. The sight of the young ruler, surrounded by regal splendor yet engrossed in childlike play, tugged at Scotland’s heartstrings.

As Scotland drew closer, England turned towards his older counterpart, offering the bear plushie as a gift of friendship. The sweetness of the gesture melted away any traces of formality, forging a bond between the two nations that transcended political boundaries.

In that moment of innocence and openness, Scotland realized that beneath the weight of crown and responsibility, England was still just a child at heart. The encounter left a lasting impression on Scotland, fostering a sense of protectiveness towards the young monarch.

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