The Wounded Squirrel

1. Caitlyn Finds the Injured Squirrel

While on her routine fall patrol, Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover, noticed a small, injured squirrel lying on the ground. The poor creature seemed to be in pain, and Caitlyn’s heart went out to it. She approached cautiously, careful not to startle the squirrel further.

As she got closer, Caitlyn could see that the squirrel had a wounded leg, most likely from a recent altercation with another animal. She knew she couldn’t just leave the squirrel there to suffer. With gentle hands, she carefully picked up the injured creature and cradled it against her chest, feeling its rapid heartbeat as it trembled in her arms.

Thinking quickly, Caitlyn decided to take the squirrel back to her office, where she could tend to its injuries. She wrapped the squirrel in a small piece of cloth to keep it warm and comfortable during the journey. Walking briskly, she made her way back to Piltover, determined to help the injured squirrel recover.

Once back at her office, Caitlyn gently placed the squirrel on a soft blanket and inspected its leg. The wound didn’t look too severe, but it definitely needed some attention. Caitlyn rummaged through her first aid kit, finding some antiseptic and bandages to clean and dress the wound.

After carefully tending to the squirrel’s injury, Caitlyn watched as it settled down, looking more at ease. She knew that it would take time for the squirrel to heal, but she was glad that she had been able to help. As the sun began to set, casting a warm glow over the office, Caitlyn whispered words of comfort to the injured squirrel, promising to take care of it until it was fully recovered.

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2. Caitlyn Brings the Squirrel to Vi

As Caitlyn spotted the wounded squirrel on her way back home, she immediately knew she needed to seek help for the little creature. Hurrying home, Caitlyn found her wife Vi in their cozy living room, wearing her usual white hand wraps after a long day at the veterinary clinic.

Vi turned to Caitlyn with a questioning look as she presented the injured squirrel in her hands. Without hesitation, Vi took the squirrel gently from Caitlyn and began to examine its injuries with a focused expression. The squirrel seemed to trust Vi, despite its evident pain, as Vi assessed the extent of its wounds.

Caitlyn stood by, watching her wife’s skilled hands work their magic on the small patient. She felt a sense of peace knowing that the squirrel was in good hands with Vi, who had a special way with animals that always amazed Caitlyn.

After a few moments of concentrated effort, Vi was able to stabilize the squirrel’s condition and provide the necessary treatment. She looked up at Caitlyn with a smile, reassuring her that the squirrel would be okay with some rest and care.

Caitlyn breathed a sigh of relief, grateful for Vi’s expertise and compassion towards animals. Together, they would ensure the squirrel’s full recovery before releasing it back into the wild where it belonged.

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3. Vi Cares for the Injured Squirrel

After discovering the injured squirrel, Vi immediately assesses its injuries. She carefully examines the squirrel, noting any visible wounds or signs of distress. With gentle hands, Vi determines the best course of action to help the squirrel heal.

Once Vi has thoroughly assessed the squirrel’s injuries, she begins to provide the necessary medical treatment. She cleans any wounds, applies ointment, and carefully wraps any bandages. Through her skilled care and attention to detail, Vi ensures that the squirrel is comfortable and well taken care of during the healing process.

Throughout the treatment, Vi remains attentive to the squirrel’s needs. She monitors its progress closely, adjusting the treatment plan as needed to promote healing. With patience and compassion, Vi creates a safe and supportive environment for the injured squirrel to recover.

As time passes, the squirrel begins to show signs of improvement. Its wounds heal, and its strength returns. Vi’s dedication to the squirrel’s well-being has paid off, and soon the squirrel is ready to return to the wild, healthy and whole once again.

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