The Witch’s Duel

1. Confrontation

A tense moment between Sabrina and a rival witch unfolds as they fly on their brooms high above the forest. Suddenly, the rival witch uses her own magical powers to push Sabrina off her broom, causing her to plummet towards the ground below. As she falls rapidly, Sabrina’s instincts kick in and she quickly reaches for a feather tucked in her pocket. With a whispered incantation, she activates a levitation spell, causing her to hover in mid-air just inches from the ground.

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2. Levitation Spell

Surrounded by shimmering moonlit feathers, Sabrina feels her body becoming weightless, floating gently in the air.

Experiencing Weightlessness

As Sabrina recites the incantation, the air around her begins to sparkle with an otherworldly glow. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, feeling a sudden lightness overtaking her body. Slowly, she lifts off the ground, supported by an invisible force.

Feathers of Moonlight

The shimmering moonlit feathers surrounding Sabrina are a beautiful sight to behold. They dance elegantly around her, contributing to the mystical atmosphere of the levitation spell. Each feather seems to carry a piece of the moon’s enchanting light, adding to the magic of the moment.

Gentle Floatation

As Sabrina hovers in the air, she realizes that the sensation is unlike anything she has ever experienced before. There is a serene calmness to her floating body, as if she is weightless and free from the constraints of gravity. She moves effortlessly, guided by the ethereal energy of the spell.

An Unforgettable Moment

For Sabrina, the levitation spell is not just a display of magical ability; it is a profound moment of connection with the mystical forces around her. As she hovers in the air, surrounded by moonlit feathers, she is filled with a sense of wonder and awe at the beauty and power of the unseen world.

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3. Descending Safely

As Sabrina harnesses the power of levitation, she executes a beautiful descent to the ground, completely surpassing the expectations of her adversary. With unparalleled grace and finesse, she effortlessly floats downwards, leaving her opponent in awe of her skill and ingenuity. The mystical energy surrounding her seems to guide her every movement, ensuring a safe and controlled landing.

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