The Witch’s Curse

1. Transformation

In the palace, the witch casts a malevolent spell on the princess, transforming her into a majestic raven. The once radiant girl is now enveloped in dark feathers, her eyes gleaming with an otherworldly wisdom. As the witch mutters incantations, the princess feels a subtle shift within her, as if her very essence is being altered.

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2. The Curse

As the witch’s twisted incantation escaped her lips, darkness descended upon the royal chamber. The princess felt a sharp pain coursing through her hands, her screams echoing off the stone walls. In a cruel twist of fate, her delicate fingers elongated and fused together, sprouting ebony feathers. Panic consumed her as she realized the witch’s curse had taken hold, turning her hands into wings.

The princess watched in horror as her once graceful hands transformed before her very eyes, becoming the appendages of a raven. She tried to resist, to fight against the magic that bound her, but it was futile. The curse had irrevocably altered her fate, condemning her to a life trapped in the form of a bird.

With each beat of her new wings, the princess felt a surge of sorrow and regret. No longer could she feel the soft touch of silk or the warmth of the sun on her skin. Her cries of despair turned into mournful caws, a tragic reminder of the curse that now defined her existence.

Forevermore, the princess would soar through the skies as a raven, an eternal reminder of the witch’s wrath and the price she paid for daring to defy her. The curse had stripped her of her humanity, leaving only feathers and sorrow in its wake.

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