The Werewolf Transformation

1. The Struggle

Edward Elric finds himself in a challenging predicament as he attempts to resist his werewolf transformation during a crucial meeting with Armstrong, Colonel Mustang, and Fuhrer King Bradley. The pressure is on as the fate of their mission hangs in the balance, and Edward’s internal struggle becomes more palpable with each passing moment. Despite his best efforts to maintain control, the animalistic urge to transform threatens to overpower him.

As the intensity of the situation increases, Edward’s resolve is put to the test. The weight of his dual nature bears down on him, creating a tense and suspenseful atmosphere in the room. Armstrong, Colonel Mustang, and Fuhrer King Bradley watch on with a mixture of concern and anticipation, unsure of what the outcome will be.

With every ounce of strength he can muster, Edward fights against the transformation, his inner turmoil reflected in his clenched fists and furrowed brow. The struggle within him is evident to all present, and the stakes have never been higher. Will Edward be able to resist the wolf within and maintain his humanity, or will he succumb to the savage beast lurking just beneath the surface?

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2. The Escape

As the moon rises, Edward’s control begins to wane as he feels the transformation taking hold. With his heart pounding and his breath quickening, he knows he must escape the crowded meeting room before it’s too late. Alphonse senses his brother’s distress and silently offers his help.

Feeling the change coming on strong, Edward stumbles out of the meeting, his movements becoming more erratic with each passing second. Alphonse follows closely behind, a mixture of fear and determination in his eyes.

Outside of Central, under the silvery glow of the rising moon, Edward finally succumbs to the transformation. His body contorts and twists in pain as he lets out a primal scream, the sound echoing in the empty streets. Alphonse stands by his side, a steady presence amidst the chaos.

With Alphonse’s help, Edward manages to complete the transformation without causing harm to anyone in the vicinity. As the last vestiges of the change fade away, Edward collapses to the ground, exhausted but relieved. Alphonse kneels beside him, offering a reassuring touch and a quiet word of comfort.

Together, the brothers catch their breath in the aftermath of the escape, the night air cool against their skin. The danger may have passed for now, but Edward knows that their struggles are far from over.

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3. The Revelation

Major Armstrong discovers the Elric brothers in a secluded area. He is shocked when he witnesses Edward’s sudden transformation into a wolf. Startled and confused, Major Armstrong demands immediate answers from Alphonse, who is struggling to explain the phenomenon.

Alphonse tries to make sense of what has just transpired before Major Armstrong’s eyes. He frantically explains that Edward’s ability to transform into a wolf is a result of a forbidden alchemical ritual gone wrong. The Elric brothers had attempted to bring their deceased mother back to life using alchemy, an act that had catastrophic consequences.

Major Armstrong listens intently, trying to wrap his head around this baffling revelation. As the truth sinks in, he realizes the depth of the Elric brothers’ desperation and the dark path they had unknowingly embarked on. The revelation shakes Major Armstrong to his core, leaving him reeling with a mix of shock and sympathy for the burden the brothers carry.

Despite the surreal nature of the revelation, Major Armstrong resolves to help the Elric brothers navigate the aftermath of their actions. He offers his support and assistance in unraveling the mysteries surrounding their alchemical misadventure, determined to uncover the truth behind their transformation and restore balance to their lives.

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