The Werewolf Hiccup: A HTTYD2 AU

1. Hiccup feels sick

After a fun day of playing, Hiccup starts to feel unwell. Stoick notices his son is not his usual energetic self and decides to take action. He spends time with Hiccup, trying to cheer him up, but it’s clear that Hiccup is under the weather. Stoick gently carries Hiccup to bed, tucking him in with his favorite blanket.

As Hiccup struggles with his sickness, Stoick stays by his side, offering comfort and reassurance. He wipes Hiccup’s forehead with a cool cloth and makes sure he has plenty of water to drink. Despite feeling sick, Hiccup finds solace in his father’s presence and soothing words.

Slowly, Hiccup starts to drift off to sleep, his father’s steady presence calming his troubled mind. Stoick watches over him, a look of concern on his face as he monitors Hiccup’s breathing. Finally, as Hiccup succumbs to sleep, Stoick remains vigilant, ready to provide comfort and care throughout the night.

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2. The transformation begins

Hiccup awakens with a sharp ache coursing through his body, his muscles convulsing as he feels an uncontrollable transformation beginning to take hold. The moonlight streams through the windows, casting an eerie glow on his changing form as he starts to morph into a werewolf. Stoick, his father, hears his son’s cries of pain and rushes to his side, his heart pounding with fear and concern.

Stoick’s hands tremble as he reaches out to touch Hiccup, feeling the heat emanating from his now fur-covered skin. The boy’s eyes, once filled with innocence and laughter, are now glazed over with the beastly instincts taking root within him. Stoick’s mind races, trying to comprehend the inexplicable metamorphosis happening before his very eyes.

As Hiccup’s body contorts and shifts, his cries of agony echo through the halls of their home, a haunting melody of a soul caught between human and monster. Stoick’s heart breaks at the sight of his son in such agony, but he knows that he must stay strong and protect him through this terrifying ordeal.

The transformation continues its relentless grip on Hiccup, his once gentle features now twisted into a primal visage. Stoick can only watch helplessly as his beloved son becomes something beyond his comprehension, his worry and love for Hiccup mingling in a tumultuous storm of emotions.

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3. Stoick’s discovery

As Stoick entered Hiccup’s room, a wave of confusion washed over him. It wasn’t until he saw a small wolf pup rummaging through Hiccup’s clothes that everything became clear. The pup was wearing Hiccup’s clothes, the ones he had worn the day of the accident, and Stoick’s heart sank.

For weeks, Stoick had been trying to understand what had happened to his son. Hiccup had been acting strangely, spending more time in the forest and less time at home. He had become withdrawn and distant, and Stoick couldn’t figure out why.

But now, with the wolf pup in front of him, Stoick finally understood. Hiccup hadn’t been himself because he wasn’t himself. The accident had changed him in ways Stoick couldn’t imagine, transforming him into a wolf during the full moon.

Stoick’s mind raced with questions. How had this happened? Could Hiccup control his transformations? And most importantly, how could he help his son navigate this new reality?

As he watched the pup paw at the ground, Stoick knew one thing for certain: his son needed him now more than ever.

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