The Weightless Witch

1. Confrontation

As Sabrina soared through the sky on her broom, a sudden jolt knocked her off balance. Before she could react, a rival witch appeared and with a cunning smile, sent her plummeting towards the ground. The wind rushed past Sabrina as she tried to regain control, but it was too late.

Feeling the world spinning around her, Sabrina managed to gather her senses just enough to reach up and grab a feather from her hair. With a fierce determination in her eyes, she whispered the ancient levitation spell she had learned from her mentor.

As the words escaped her lips, a shimmering light enveloped Sabrina and slowed her descent. She could feel the invisible forces lifting her gently back up into the air, defying gravity. With a triumphant grin, Sabrina stabilized herself and soared back into the sky, ready to face her rival once again.

The confrontation had ignited a fire within Sabrina, fueling her resolve to show her opponent what she was truly made of. The clash of powers between the two witches was just beginning, and Sabrina was determined to come out victorious.

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2. Levitation

As Sabrina stands surrounded by a shimmering vortex of feathers, a magical transformation takes place. Suddenly, she becomes weightless, the gentle pull of gravity releasing its hold on her. Slowly but surely, she begins to float upwards, defying the laws of physics.
The feathers surrounding her seem to dance in the air, creating a breathtaking display of beauty and grace. Her body rises higher and higher, until she is suspended in mid-air, completely weightless and free.
Despite the impossibility of the situation, Sabrina remains calm and composed, her eyes reflecting the wonder and magic of the moment. With a sense of peace and tranquility, she hovers in the air, taking in the world from a new perspective.
And then, just as slowly as she ascended, Sabrina begins to descend back to earth. The feathers continue to whirl around her, creating a soft cushion as she lands gently on the ground. The levitation spell broken, she stands once again, her feet firmly on solid ground, the memory of her ethereal flight fresh in her mind.
The experience of levitation leaves Sabrina in awe of the powers of magic and the limitless possibilities it offers. She knows that she has witnessed something truly extraordinary, and she is grateful for the chance to float among the clouds, if only for a moment.

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