The Weight of Discipline

1. Unwelcome Discipline

When a Korean mother discovers that her high school-aged son has brought home poor grades, she is faced with a difficult decision. Despite her initial attempts to encourage and support his academic efforts, his continued lack of improvement leaves her feeling frustrated and helpless.

After careful consideration, the mother decides to resort to a drastic disciplinary measure in an attempt to motivate her son to take his studies more seriously. Recognizing the importance of education in Korean culture, she believes that this strict approach is necessary to instill a sense of discipline and responsibility in him.

The mother’s decision is met with mixed reactions from her family and friends. Some commend her tough love approach, praising her determination to prioritize her son’s academic success. Others express concern and disapproval, believing that her actions may be too harsh and damaging to their relationship.

As the disciplinary measure takes effect, tensions rise within the household. The son struggles to meet the high expectations set by his mother, while she grapples with doubts and guilt over her chosen course of action. Despite the challenges they face, both mother and son ultimately learn valuable lessons about the importance of communication, understanding, and compromise in their relationship.

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2. Crushing Consequences

As the tension escalates between the mother and her son, she resorts to a disturbing method of punishment. Ignoring his gasps for breath, she coldly instructs him to lie on his back on the sofa. The son obeys hesitantly, not fully comprehending the gravity of the situation. With a stern expression, the mother positions herself on top of him, her weight pressing down on his chest.

As the seconds tick by, the son struggles beneath her, his chest constricted and oxygen supply dwindling. The mother’s actions, fueled by anger and frustration, cut through the air with a chilling intensity. The son’s eyes widen in fear and disbelief as he realizes the extent of his vulnerability in this moment.

The weight of the mother on top of him serves not only as a physical burden but also as a crushing metaphor for the emotional weight of their strained relationship. In this harrowing ordeal, the son grapples with a mix of emotions – fear, anger, powerlessness. Each gasp for air is a reminder of the suffocating control his mother exerts over him.

As the scene unfolds, the reader is left to contemplate the devastating impact of such actions on the son’s psyche. The intensity of the moment serves as a poignant reminder of the destructive power dynamics at play within their relationship, leaving a lingering sense of unease in its wake.

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3. Smirking Mother

Despite her son’s discomfort, the mother remains seated on him with a smirk, seemingly satisfied with the situation.


The mother’s smirk does not falter, even as her son squirms beneath her. She seems to take pleasure in his discomfort, relishing in the power dynamic of the situation.

Sense of Control

By remaining seated on her son and maintaining her smirk, the mother exudes a sense of control over the situation. She seems to enjoy the authority she holds in that moment.

Provoking Reaction

It is evident that the mother’s smirking behavior is intentional, likely aimed at provoking a reaction from her son. Her satisfaction with the situation suggests a desire to elicit a response from him.

Psychological Impact

This unspoken power play between the mother and her son may have a lasting psychological impact on the son. The smirking mother’s behavior could contribute to feelings of inadequacy or powerlessness in her son.

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