The Valley of Trials

1. Meeting Gornek

As you reach the age of maturity, Pavel, it is time for you to take up arms and join the ranks of the Horde. Gornek, the wise elder of your tribe, stands before you, his eyes filled with pride and determination. He knows that you are ready to prove yourself on the battlefield and bring honor to your people.

Gornek’s voice is strong and commanding as he speaks to you, urging you to seek glory for the Warchief. He tells you of the great battles that have been fought in the name of the Horde, of the heroes who have risen to prominence through their courage and skill. He makes it clear that your path will not be easy, but that with determination and strength, you can achieve greatness.

With Gornek’s words echoing in your ears, you feel a surge of excitement and determination. You are ready to embark on this new chapter of your life, to prove yourself in battle and earn the respect of your fellow warriors. The challenges ahead may be great, but with Gornek’s guidance and the strength of the Horde behind you, you know that you can succeed.

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2. First Task

Before embarking on any grand quests, Gornek suggests starting with a more straightforward task to prove your skills. He chuckles at your eagerness to confront fearsome creatures such as dragons or demons. Instead, he advises you to focus on something simpler and more manageable.

This initial task serves as a test of your abilities and determination. It allows you to demonstrate your competence and build trust with Gornek and the other residents of the village. By completing this task successfully, you will earn their respect and prove that you are ready for greater challenges.

Although you may feel impatient to tackle more exciting adventures, Gornek’s advice is wise. Mastering the basics is essential before venturing into more dangerous territories. So, embrace this initial task as an opportunity to hone your skills and prove yourself worthy of greater feats.

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3. The Challenge Begins

As Gornek looks at you, a glint of determination in his eyes, he assigns the task that will mark the beginning of your journey as a Hunter. This task is carefully crafted to test your skills and potential, to push you to your limits and see what you are truly capable of. While you may still be a new Hunter, Gornek believes in your abilities and sees something special in you.

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4. Becoming a Warrior

As you journey through the challenging trials in the Valley, Gornek foresees that you will emerge as a fierce and skilled warrior devoted to the Horde’s cause. The trials that you face will test not only your strength and combat skills, but also your determination and loyalty to your faction.

Throughout your quests in the Valley, you will be pushed to your limits and forced to confront various foes and obstacles. It is through these challenges that you will prove your worth as a warrior of the Horde. By overcoming these trials, you will gain valuable experience and expertise that will serve you well in future battles.

By the time you complete your trials and emerge victorious, Gornek believes that you will embody the values and principles of the Horde. You will stand tall as a proud warrior, ready to defend your allies and conquer your enemies. Your journey in the Valley will have transformed you into a formidable force to be reckoned with.

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