The Untold Story of Elphaba Thropp

1. The Green Outcast

Elphaba Thropp, a green-skinned woman, finds herself constantly at odds with society’s expectations due to her unique appearance. Born with emerald-green skin as a result of a potion her mother drank during pregnancy, Elphaba struggles to fit in and face discrimination at every turn.

From a young age, Elphaba is ostracized and isolated, labeled as different and strange by those around her. Her classmates at Shiz University mock her appearance, and she is often the target of cruel taunts and pranks. Despite her intelligence, compassion, and desire to do good in the world, Elphaba is unable to shake the stigma attached to her green skin.

As Elphaba grows older, she becomes a vocal advocate for the rights of those who are marginalized and oppressed, drawing on her own experiences of discrimination to fuel her passion for social justice. However, even as she fights for equality and stands up against injustice, Elphaba continues to be viewed as an outcast, an “other” in a society that values conformity above all else.

Throughout her journey, Elphaba grapples with questions of identity, belonging, and acceptance. Despite the challenges she faces, she remains determined to live authentically and make a difference in a world that is quick to judge based on appearances.

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2. Unexpected Friendship

Elphaba and Galinda Upland, later known as Glinda the Good, forged an unexpected friendship despite their stark differences. Elphaba, with her green skin and fiery personality, was initially hesitant to interact with the popular and well-liked Galinda. However, over time, the two young women found common ground and formed a bond that would defy all expectations.

Galinda, known for her beauty and charm, was intrigued by Elphaba’s unique perspective and strong sense of justice. On the other hand, Elphaba admired Galinda’s kindness and ability to see the good in others. As they navigated the challenges of their time together, their friendship deepened, teaching them both valuable lessons about acceptance and understanding.

Despite facing opposition and misunderstanding from those around them, Elphaba and Galinda’s friendship continued to grow stronger. They supported each other through difficult times and celebrated each other’s victories. Through their bond, they learned that true friendship knows no boundaries and can overcome even the most unlikely of circumstances.

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3. The Path to Darkness

As Elphaba delves deeper into the world of magic and politics, she starts to embrace her darker side, leading her down a dangerous path.

As Elphaba continues her journey into the realms of magic and political intrigue, she finds herself drawn to the darker aspects of power. The forces of darkness that reside within her begin to surface, tempting her with promises of strength and control. At first, Elphaba resists these impulses, knowing the dangers that lie ahead. However, as she delves further into her studies and becomes more entangled in the intricate web of political maneuverings, she finds herself unable to resist the allure of power.

Slowly but surely, Elphaba’s moral compass begins to waver. She makes choices that she never thought possible, crossing boundaries that she once swore she would never breach. Her actions become increasingly bold and reckless as she succumbs to the seductive call of the darkness that lies within her. As Elphaba’s powers grow, so too does her thirst for control and domination.

Despite her initial reservations, Elphaba finds herself embracing her darker side with a sense of exhilaration and liberation. The path to darkness beckons her with its promises of strength and influence, leading her ever further down a treacherous road. The once noble and virtuous Elphaba is gradually transformed as she descends into the shadows, becoming a figure of fear and awe in the eyes of those around her.

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4. Rivalry and Betrayal

Galinda’s jealousy and Elphaba’s growing power strain their friendship, eventually leading to betrayal and rivalry.

As Galinda’s envy towards Elphaba’s increasing influence and abilities deepened, their once strong friendship began to unravel. Galinda, known for her beauty and popularity, struggled to cope with the attention shifting towards the green-skinned Elphaba, who showed remarkable talent and power in the magical arts. This jealousy simmered beneath the surface, causing tension and resentment to mount between the two young women.

Meanwhile, Elphaba’s newfound strength and confidence led her to explore her capabilities further, drawing admiration and even fear from those around her. As she embraced her unique abilities, she unwittingly distanced herself from Galinda, unintentionally fueling the rift in their friendship.

Despite their shared history and bond, the seeds of betrayal were sown as Galinda’s envy grew and Elphaba’s power flourished. The once inseparable friends found themselves on opposing paths, each vying for recognition and validation in their own ways. What started as a simple rivalry soon turned into a dramatic confrontation, marked by betrayal and hurtful actions that irreversibly changed the course of their relationship.

Galinda and Elphaba’s rivalry and betrayal serve as a cautionary tale of how envy and power dynamics can unravel even the strongest of friendships, leaving behind a trail of heartbreak and regret.

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5. The Rise of the Wicked Witch

As Elphaba fully embraces her role as the Wicked Witch of the West, she becomes more powerful and feared by the citizens of Oz. Her unconventional methods and strong beliefs set her apart from the other witches, leading her to stand alone in her wickedness.

On the other hand, Glinda continues to uphold her image as the Good Witch, charming the people of Oz with her grace and kindness. Despite their differences, Elphaba and Glinda were once friends, making their eventual showdown even more heartbreaking.

Elphaba’s rise to power and darkness is contrasted with Glinda’s light and righteousness, creating a dramatic tension between the two characters. As their paths diverge, the stage is set for an epic confrontation that will determine the fate of Oz.

With Elphaba determined to assert her dominance and Glinda unwilling to back down from her beliefs, the battle between the Wicked Witch and the Good Witch becomes inevitable. Their clash of personalities and ideologies will shape the future of Oz and reveal the true nature of each witch.

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