The Unlikely Portrait

1. The Grumbling Bully

Kade Aren, a middle school bully, is annoyed by Oliver Carmin, a boy who is highly regarded by his peers for his artistic abilities and compassionate nature.

Despite Kade’s relentless attempts to intimidate Oliver, the latter remains unfazed, continuing to extend kindness towards others and expressing himself through his art. Kade’s frustration with Oliver grows as he sees the admiration and respect Oliver receives from their classmates.

As Kade witnesses Oliver’s talent and genuine kindness firsthand, he starts to feel envious and resentful towards him. Instead of acknowledging his own insecurities, Kade channels his negative emotions into picking on Oliver even more, hoping to diminish his popularity and talent in the eyes of their peers.

While Kade’s actions stem from a place of jealousy and insecurity, Oliver remains composed and unaffected, focusing on his passion for art and his relationships with those around him. Despite the challenges he faces with Kade’s bullying, Oliver’s strength of character shines through, earning him even more admiration from those who witness his resilience.

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2. The Art Class Scheme

Kade’s lackeys encourage him to sabotage Oliver’s painting during art class, but Oliver remains oblivious to Kade’s hatred.

The Encouragement

Despite Oliver’s talent in painting, Kade’s jealousy towards him continues to grow with each passing day. His lackeys, always eager to please him, come up with a devious plan to sabotage Oliver’s artwork during the upcoming art class.

Planning the Sabotage

Kade’s lackeys huddle together, whispering and nodding as they finalize the details of their scheme. They decide to spill paint on Oliver’s canvas while he is focused on his work, hoping to ruin his painting and embarrass him in front of the class.

Oliver’s Unawareness

Meanwhile, Oliver remains completely unaware of Kade’s true intentions. He continues to work on his painting, completely engrossed in the vibrant colors and intricate details. Little does he know that his rival is plotting against him, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

The Unfolding of Events

As the art class begins, Kade’s lackeys eagerly await the right moment to carry out their sabotage. The tension in the air is palpable as they sneak closer to Oliver’s workstation, ready to execute their plan and fulfill Kade’s desire to see his rival fail.

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3. The Unexpected Request

As the art teacher encouraged Oliver to explore painting people, Kade could not have anticipated what followed. Oliver surprised everyone by announcing his decision to paint a portrait of Kade himself.

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