The Unlikely Family

1. Calix’s Creation and Childhood

Calix, a vampire/Voodoo Puppet, was brought into existence by the voodoo master Viviana through the use of blood. As a unique being, he embodies elements of both the vampire and Voodoo traditions, resulting in a powerful and mysterious character. Despite his unusual origins, Calix was raised by Viviana with utmost care and affection, experiencing a sense of motherly love from the voodoo master. Viviana’s sinister ways did not tarnish the genuine love and nurturing she provided for Calix during his formative years.

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2. Calix’s Immortality

Through the mystical powers of voodoo magic, Calix is granted the gift of immortality. This extraordinary ability halts the aging process, allowing Calix to remain forever youthful and invulnerable to the grasp of time. Despite the passage of years and the trials of life, Calix remains unchanged, a timeless being destined to wander the world indefinitely.

Furthermore, Viviana possesses the unique ability to mend any wounds Calix may incur during his eternal existence. Through her own mystical powers, she is able to heal his injuries, regenerate lost limbs, and ensure his continued survival. This symbiotic relationship between Calix’s immortality and Viviana’s healing abilities forms a unbreakable bond, guaranteeing that Calix will endure through any adversity that may come his way.

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3. Calix’s Relationship with Gabriel

Calix’s boyfriend, Gabriel, an ice spirit from New Orleans, integrates into their unconventional family dynamic. Viviana wholeheartedly embraces their love and provides unwavering support for their relationship. As Calix and Gabriel navigate the complexities of their relationship, they lean on Viviana for guidance, understanding, and acceptance.

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