The Uninvited Chaperone

Ran’s Plea

Ran eagerly asks her sister Lux to join her at a much-anticipated beach party. She envisions a day of sun, sand, laughter, and relaxation. However, Lux calmly declines Ran’s invitation, explaining that she has already made other plans.

Instead of frolicking on the beach, Lux reveals that she will be hosting a séance. Intrigued by the idea of contacting the spirit world, Lux is determined to explore the unknown in the comfort of her home. Despite Ran’s disappointment, Lux is resolute in her decision to delve into the supernatural realm.

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2. Natsume’s Invitation

Ran finds herself lost in memories of her past rival, Natsume, who eventually became one of her closest friends. Their relationship wasn’t always smooth sailing, as they started off as fierce competitors in various competitions. However, over time, they learned to admire each other’s skills and talents, which eventually led to a strong bond. Natsume’s positive traits, such as her determination, kindness, and loyalty, were what drew Ran to her in the first place. Ran recalls moments where Natsume stood by her side through thick and thin, offering her unwavering support and encouragement. It was Natsume’s invitation to join her in a special project that reignited Ran’s passion for their shared interests and solidified their friendship even further.

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