The Unexpected Visitors

1. Arrival

A US military helicopter descends upon the world of Remnant, the pilot skillfully navigating through the chaotic skies of battle. As the aircraft touches down, the soldiers onboard brace themselves for the imminent clash with the lurking threat of the Grimm. The soldiers emerge from the helicopter, their weapons at the ready, prepared to face the relentless onslaught of their monstrous foes.

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2. Meeting Qrow

As Qrow Branwen wandered through the kingdom, he suddenly came across a group of soldiers stationed in the area. Curious about their presence, he decided to approach them to learn more about the reason for their stay.

The soldiers, recognizing his distinct appearance, welcomed Qrow with cautious respect. They briefed him on their mission in the kingdom, explaining the importance of their presence and the tasks they were assigned to fulfill. Qrow listened attentively, taking in the information provided by the soldiers.

After the soldiers had finished detailing their purpose, Qrow nodded thoughtfully, absorbing the gravity of the situation. He knew that this encounter was not mere chance but held significant implications for both him and the kingdom at large.

With a newfound sense of purpose, Qrow bid farewell to the soldiers, thanking them for sharing their insights. As he continued on his journey, he couldn’t shake the feeling that his meeting with the soldiers would have a lasting impact on the events unfolding in the kingdom.

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3. Sgt. Scream

Qrow engages in a conversation with Sgt. Scream, the commanding officer of the soldiers accompanying them on their mission. Through this interaction, Qrow gains valuable insight into the purpose and objectives of the soldier’s mission. Sgt. Scream divulges key details about the task at hand, shedding light on the challenges and dangers that lie ahead.

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