The Unexpected Visitor

1. Lavender’s Dorm Room

Lavender Brown is feeling exhausted as she enters her Hogwarts dormitory. The long day of classes and studying has taken its toll on her, and all she wants to do is crawl into bed and rest. She lets out a sigh of relief as she enters her room, grateful for the peaceful sanctuary that it provides.

Before settling in for the night, Lavender remembers that she left a book in the common room. With a slight groan, she debates whether to go back and retrieve it or simply leave it for tomorrow. Despite her fatigue, her desire to finish the book before the weekend pushes her to make the journey back downstairs.

As she enters the common room, she notices that it is almost empty, with only a few stray books left on the tables. Spotting her book on a nearby chair, she quickly retrieves it and heads back to her room. With the book in hand, she finally snuggles into her cozy bed, ready to let the exhaustion of the day wash over her.

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2. The Mysterious Wolf

As Lavender peacefully lies in her bed, a sense of unease begins to creep into the room. In the dead of night, a shadowy figure moves stealthily towards the window, its sinister presence sending a chill down Lavender’s spine.

Suddenly, the dark silhouette of a majestic black wolf slinks into the room, its piercing eyes fixated on Lavender. The moonlight filtering through the window highlights the wolf’s sleek fur and sharp, glistening fangs.

Awakening from her slumber with a start, Lavender’s heart races as she stares in disbelief at the unexpected visitor that now stands at the foot of her bed. The air is thick with tension as she watches the wolf’s every move, unsure of its intentions.

Despite the fear coursing through her veins, Lavender remains still, uncertain how to react. Should she scream for help or try to calm the fearsome creature before her? The sound of her own breath fills the room as she grapples with the choice before her.

With bated breath, Lavender waits, her eyes locked with the wolf’s, each waiting for the other to make a move. The mysterious wolf remains an enigma, its presence casting a shadow of mystery and danger over the room.

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