The Ultimate Test: Lì-Yù vs Lord Shen

1. The Canon Blast

As Lì-Yù stood frozen in disbelief, her world crumbled before her eyes. The deafening roars of Shen’s devastating canon blast echoed in her ears, the smoke and debris clouding her vision. In that moment, she watched helplessly as her friends and Master Shifu fell victim to the ruthless attack.

Shen’s manipulation tactics had reached a new level of cruelty, cutting deep into Lì-Yù’s heart and soul. He twisted her emotions, preying on her vulnerabilities and insecurities, until she found herself utterly dependent on him for everything.

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2. The Sacrifice

After Míng Zhēn sacrifices himself for Lì-Yù, her world is turned upside down. The weight of his sacrifice leaves her reeling, struggling to come to terms with the loss of someone so dear to her. Despite her grief, Lì-Yù finds herself filled with a renewed sense of purpose, determined to honor Míng Zhēn’s memory in any way she can.

However, Shen’s possessiveness only grows stronger in the wake of Míng Zhēn’s sacrifice. Seeing Lì-Yù vulnerable and in pain, Shen sees an opportunity to tighten his grip on her. He manipulates her emotions, using her weaknesses against her to ensure that she never strays too far from his side. Shen’s control over Lì-Yù becomes more suffocating as he exploits her grief for his own gain, leaving her feeling trapped and alone in her sorrow.

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