The Troll Kuzya’s Adventure

1. Departure

Upon announcing his departure, Kuzya informs Fernando and Phillip Martynych that he will only be away for 45 minutes. This news leaves the two friends feeling a sense of loneliness beginning to settle in.

Fernando and Phillip exchange concerned glances as Kuzya prepares to leave, wondering how they will occupy themselves during his absence. The sudden realization that they will be on their own for a brief period creates a wave of uneasiness in the room. Without Kuzya’s lively presence, the atmosphere becomes strangely quiet and empty.

As Kuzya bids farewell, a feeling of isolation begins to envelop Fernando and Phillip. They are left to contemplate what to do with the time they are now forced to spend without their friend. The ticking of the clock on the wall serves as a stark reminder of Kuzya’s absence, intensifying the solitude that has settled in the room.

While only gone for a short while, Kuzya’s departure has a significant impact on Fernando and Phillip. The sudden emptiness left behind in his wake creates a void that cannot easily be filled. As they wait for his return, the minutes drag on, each one seeming longer than the last in their shared solitude.

45 minutes may have initially seemed like a short period, but for Fernando and Phillip, it stretches out before them like an eternity in the absence of their friend Kuzya.

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2. The Tale

Kuzya returns and shares a story of his treasure-hunting adventure, bringing joy back to his friends.

The Return

After days of traveling through thick forests and treacherous mountains, Kuzya finally returned to his village. His friends had been eagerly awaiting his arrival, hoping for good news.

The Adventure

As soon as Kuzya entered the village square, he was surrounded by his curious friends. With a gleam in his eye, he started recounting his incredible treasure-hunting adventure. He talked about the hidden caves, the ancient map he discovered, and the countless obstacles he had to overcome.

The Discovery

With bated breath, his friends listened intently as Kuzya described the moment he unearthed the long-lost treasure. The excitement in his voice was contagious, and soon the entire village was filled with joy and hope once again.

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