Тролль Кузя и его друзья

1. Meeting with Kuzelina

Fernando and Filipp Martynych visit Kuzelina at Kuzya’s house to apologize for a past adventure.

During their visit to Kuzya’s house, Fernando and Filipp Martynych met with Kuzelina to express their sincerest apologies for a previous escapade that had caused some tension between them. The brothers approached Kuzelina with humility and open hearts, ready to make amends and restore their relationship with her.

As they entered Kuzya’s house, the atmosphere was tense with anticipation. However, they were greeted warmly by Kuzelina, who listened attentively as Fernando and Filipp recounted the events that had transpired during their last encounter. They took full responsibility for their actions and acknowledged the hurt they had caused.

Kuzelina, moved by their sincere apologies, forgave them graciously. She understood that everyone makes mistakes and appreciated the efforts of the brothers to make things right. The meeting ended on a positive note, with a renewed sense of trust and camaraderie between the three of them.

Overall, the meeting with Kuzelina served as a valuable lesson in humility and forgiveness. Fernando and Filipp Martynych learned the importance of taking responsibility for their actions and making amends when necessary. Their willingness to apologize and seek forgiveness helped them strengthen their bond with Kuzelina and paved the way for a more harmonious relationship moving forward.

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2. Apologizing to Kuzya

Fernando apologizes to Kuzya for betraying him in the past and expresses his hope for forgiveness.

As Fernando sat down next to Kuzya, his heart felt heavy with guilt. He knew he had made a terrible mistake in betraying his friend in the past. With a deep breath, he turned to Kuzya and started to speak.

“Kuzya, I need to apologize to you. I know I let you down and betrayed your trust. I was wrong, and I regret my actions deeply,” Fernando said, his voice filled with remorse.

Kuzya looked at Fernando with a mixture of surprise and sadness. He had felt the pain of betrayal, but he also saw the genuine remorse in Fernando’s eyes.

“I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I know I don’t deserve it, but I promise to do everything in my power to make things right and earn back your trust,” Fernando continued, his voice barely above a whisper.

After a moment of silence, Kuzya finally spoke. “I appreciate your apology, Fernando. It will take time for me to fully trust you again, but I am willing to give you a second chance.”

A wave of relief washed over Fernando as he hugged Kuzya tightly. He was grateful for the opportunity to make amends and rebuild their friendship.

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3. Curious Inquiry

Upon witnessing Kuzya’s sudden illness, Fernando found himself consumed with curiosity. He couldn’t shake the question from his mind- why did Kuzya fall sick on that particular day? Seeking answers, he turned to Filipp Martynych, hoping for an explanation. However, all he received in response was a nonchalant shrug.

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