The Transformation Curse

1. The Curse

Asuta Soro finds himself cursed with the body and life of Yasuna Kamiizumi, a popular girl in school. This unexpected curse stems from a love rivalry that took a dark turn. Asuta and Yasuna were once friends, but when they both fell for the same person, jealousy and betrayal clouded their bond.

Asuta woke up one day to discover that he had transformed into Yasuna, with no way of returning to his original self. This curse not only changes his physical appearance but also his entire identity. As Asuta navigates through Yasuna’s life, he struggles to come to terms with the consequences of this curse.

Being trapped in Yasuna’s body exposes Asuta to the challenges and expectations of being a popular girl in school. The once carefree and independent Asuta must now adapt to a completely different lifestyle, trying to maintain Yasuna’s relationships and reputation while longing to break free from this curse.

The curse serves as a constant reminder of the betrayals and mistakes that led to this situation, haunting Asuta with the consequences of a love triangle gone wrong. As he grapples with the complexities of living as Yasuna, Asuta must unravel the threads of the past to find a way to break free from this curse and reclaim his true self.

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2. Yasuna’s Daily Life

As Asuta navigates Yasuna’s daily life, he must adjust to her refined style, popularity, and unique fashion sense.

Refined Style

Yasuna’s refined style is evident in the way she carries herself, from her elegant posture to her sophisticated choice of clothing. Asuta finds himself marveling at her grace and poise, realizing that Yasuna’s daily life is filled with an air of sophistication that is both charming and alluring.


Yasuna’s popularity is undeniable, as she effortlessly attracts attention wherever she goes. Asuta observes how people gravitate towards her, eager to be in her presence and bask in her magnetic charm. Navigating Yasuna’s daily life means adapting to the constant stream of admirers and well-wishers that surround her.

Unique Fashion Sense

Yasuna’s unique fashion sense sets her apart from the crowd, as she effortlessly combines different styles and trends to create a look that is entirely her own. Asuta is amazed by her ability to pull off bold and daring outfits with confidence, showcasing a creativity and boldness that is truly inspiring.

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3. School Uniform

After a peculiar turn of events, Asuta finds himself donning Yasuna’s high school uniform. The outfit comprises a crisp white blouse, a charming jumper dress, and knee-high socks. This ensemble makes Asuta stand out from the crowd, attracting curious glances from his peers and teachers alike.

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4. The Cursed Day

Asuta encounters the dreaded day when the curse takes effect. He vividly experiences the transformation that occurs, providing insights into the curse’s impact on his life. Yasuna, who was once the object of his affection, is no longer the focus of his feelings as the curse changes his perspective.

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