The Trampled Diploma

1. Cumulative Damage by Women

As the women at the ballroom caught sight of the prestigious diploma displayed prominently, their attention was momentarily diverted. However, their enthusiasm for dancing quickly took over, causing inadvertent damages in the process.

Various women, oblivious to the delicate nature of their surroundings, continued to dance with fervor. Their heavy-heeled shoes clacked against the polished floor, leaving behind tiny scratches and scuff marks. Some women spun around with such force that their skirts swept across nearby antique furniture, causing subtle but noticeable wear and tear.

The dance moves of the women were not without consequences either. High kicks and twirls resulted in unintended collisions with fragile d├ęcor, leaving behind a trail of minor casualties. Despite small gasps of surprise from onlookers, the women remained unfazed, fully engrossed in the music and festivities.

While their carefree attitude added to the vivacity of the evening, the cumulative damage caused by the women’s exuberant dancing could not be ignored. It was a trade-off between the joy of the moment and the preservation of the elegant setting, a delicate balance that seemed to hang by a thread as the night progressed.

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2. Effects of Different Shoe Types

When considering the impact of different shoe types on a diploma, it is important to recognize that each variety of footwear can have a distinct effect. From high heels to strappy sandals, the choice of shoe can result in various marks and damage to the diploma over time. For instance, high heels are known to leave indentations and small punctures on the surface of the diploma, which can eventually lead to tearing. The pressure exerted by the narrow heel can cause significant wear and tear, particularly if the shoes are worn frequently.

On the other hand, strappy sandals, with their delicate straps and buckles, can also contribute to damage. The straps may leave imprints on the diploma, and any sharp edges on the decorations or fastenings of the sandals could potentially cause punctures. While the extent of the damage may vary depending on the specific design and materials of the shoes, it is clear that all shoe types have the potential to impact the condition of a diploma.

Ultimately, it is advisable to consider the potential effects of different shoe types when handling or displaying a diploma. By choosing footwear that minimizes the risk of damage, such as flat shoes with a soft sole, individuals can help preserve the integrity of their important documents for years to come.

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3. Esin’s Clumsiness


As the celebration continued, Esin found herself caught up in the joy of the moment. She couldn’t help but move to the music, her dance moves becoming more exuberant with each passing moment. Little did she know, her feet were dangerously close to the precious diploma lying on the floor.

With a swift and sudden kick, Esin sent the diploma flying further away, much to the horror of those watching. The delicate paper fluttered through the air, landing in a crumpled pile on the other side of the room. The damage was done, and Esin’s clumsiness had inadvertently added to the chaos of the celebration.

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4. Tolga’s Helplessness

Tolga is frozen in shock as he witnesses the diploma, a symbol of his hard work and success, being irreversibly damaged by the reckless dancing of the women. His heart sinks as he realizes that all his efforts and achievements are now in jeopardy.

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5. Diploma’s Gradual Deterioration

The diploma undergoes a transformation from a strong and recognizable document to one that is barely recognizable, all due to the continuous impacts and foot sweat from the dancers. Over time, as the dancers move and perform, their feet stomp and slide across the diploma, causing wear and tear that gradually deteriorates its appearance. The once crisp and clear text on the diploma begins to fade, smudge, and even peel off, making it difficult to read and verify the authenticity of the document.

As the dancers continue to use the diploma as a dance floor, the paper itself weakens and becomes more fragile. The edges may start to fray and tear, further contributing to its deteriorating condition. The combination of the physical stress from the dancers’ movements and the moisture from their sweat creates a perfect environment for the diploma to slowly but surely degrade.

Despite its gradual deterioration, the diploma still holds value and significance to the dancers, serving as a reminder of their hard work and achievements. However, its worn-out appearance serves as a testament to the dedication and passion that the dancers put into their craft, even if it means sacrificing the pristine condition of their diploma.

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6. Esin’s Final Act of Humiliation

As the tension between Esin and Tolga reaches its peak, Esin’s true colors come to light in a final act of humiliation. With a smirk on her face, Esin looks down at Tolga and begins to mock him. She offers him a degrading role, suggesting that he become her personal shoe-buying slave. To add insult to injury, Esin places her foot on top of Tolga’s diploma, pressing it firmly under her shoe sole.

Tolga’s face contorts in a mix of disbelief and anger as he realizes the depth of Esin’s cruel intentions. The once confident and successful Tolga is now reduced to a mere servant in Esin’s eyes, his achievements trampled under her feet both figuratively and literally.

This final act of humiliation leaves Tolga shattered and humiliated, his pride stripped away by Esin’s cruel actions. It serves as a stark reminder of the power dynamics at play between them and the lengths to which Esin is willing to go to assert her dominance over Tolga.

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