The Trampled Diploma

1. Irreplaceable Diploma Crushed

Tolga’s college diploma, a symbol of years of hard work and dedication, met a devastating fate under the oblivious feet and heels of female employees. The once pristine paper was now crumpled and torn, with the worst damage inflicted by Esin’s sharp stiletto pumps.

As Tolga watched in horror, Esin’s heels mercilessly dug into his diploma, leaving indelible marks that mirrored the pain he felt inside. The sound of the delicate paper being crushed echoed in his ears, a stark reminder of the irreparable loss he had just suffered.

The significance of the diploma cannot be overstated. It represented not only Tolga’s academic achievements but also his hopes and dreams for the future. Its destruction left him feeling helpless and defeated, as if a part of his identity had been stripped away.

Despite the accidental nature of the incident, Tolga couldn’t help but feel a surge of anger and frustration towards the women whose actions had led to this unfortunate outcome. The emotional weight of the moment was palpable, lingering in the air like a heavy cloud.

As Tolga tried to salvage what was left of his diploma, he couldn’t shake off the sense of loss that enveloped him. The crushed paper served as a painful reminder of the fragility of his achievements and the harsh reality of how easily something precious could be taken away.

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2. Destruction Unfolds

Esin absentmindedly steps on the diploma, causing holes to form slowly during her 15-minute wait for the copy machine, leading to further damage as she tears it in two with her heels.

Diploma Damage Begins

While waiting for the copy machine, Esin’s mind wanders, and she accidentally steps on the corner of her diploma. The pressure from her heel causes tiny holes to form in the delicate paper.

Increased Destruction

As Esin continues to stand on the diploma, the holes begin to spread outward slowly. She remains oblivious to the damage she is causing as she absentmindedly shifts her weight from one foot to the other.

Final Blow

After 15 minutes of waiting, Esin finally lifts her foot off the diploma to move, but in doing so, she tears the already weakened paper in two with the spikes on her heels. The once pristine document is now irreparably damaged.

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3. Daily Degradation

Tolga’s once salvageable diploma disintegrates inside Esin’s shoes, with its condition worsening each day, ultimately becoming a cushion in her sweaty footwear.

In this section, the gradual deterioration of Tolga’s diploma is highlighted as it transforms from a potentially redeemable document to a mere comfort item inside Esin’s shoes. The daily wear and tear on the diploma result in it crumbling away and losing its original form. Esin’s shoes provide an unwelcoming environment for the diploma, with the sweat and moisture accelerating its degradation.

As each day passes, the diploma deteriorates further, symbolizing the fading significance of Tolga’s academic achievements. The once proud symbol of his hard work and dedication is reduced to a mere relic inside Esin’s footwear, serving no purpose other than being a cushion among the sweat and dirt.

The daily degradation of the diploma serves as a metaphor for Tolga’s own diminishing sense of accomplishment and purpose. Just as the diploma disintegrates inside Esin’s shoes, Tolga’s hopes and dreams also crumble under the weight of his circumstances and choices.

Overall, the depiction of the diploma’s daily degradation in this section adds depth to the narrative, illustrating the gradual loss of value and significance in Tolga’s life.

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4. Foot Massage Ultimatum

After catching Tolga red-handed, Esin wasted no time in utilizing her newfound leverage. She took great pleasure in ridiculing him for his lack of qualifications, making sure to belittle his diploma at every opportunity. With a menacing glint in her eye, she delivered an ultimatum that left Tolga trembling with fear.

She demanded that he not only purchase her a new pair of expensive shoes but also perform the menial task of massaging her feet on a daily basis. The audacity of her demands knew no bounds as she threatened to go straight to management and have him promptly fired if he dared to refuse.

Tolga, feeling cornered and helpless, begrudgingly agreed to Esin’s terms, knowing that his job was on the line. Day after day, he found himself at her beck and call, dutifully carrying out her whims with a heavy heart and a bruised ego.

As Esin revelled in her newfound power, Tolga was left to rue the day he ever dared to cross her path. The foot massage ultimatum had forever changed the dynamic between them, casting a shadow of fear and submission over their once ordinary workplace interactions.

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5. From College Graduate to Shoe Buyer

After graduating from college, Tolga found himself in a new role as the designated shoe buyer and feet massager for all the women in the office. This unexpected responsibility brought with it a sense of humiliation and degradation as he watched his cherished memories and accomplishments being metaphorically crushed beneath their heels.

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