The Trampled Diploma


Tolga watches in horror as women notice his diploma on the dance floor but continue to step on it, causing specific damages with their different dance moves and shoe types.

Tolga stood on the sidelines, watching in horror as the women at the party failed to see his cherished diploma lying on the dance floor. Despite his desperate attempts to get their attention, they continued to unknowingly step on it, causing irreparable damages. Each woman exhibited a different dancing style, from the graceful twirls of the ballerina to the energetic stomping of the hip-hop dancer. With every step, the diploma suffered a new dent or crease, becoming more battered with each passing moment.

The women’s choice of footwear only added to Tolga’s distress. The stiletto-wearing party-goer left sharp punctures on the fragile paper, while the platform shoe enthusiast unknowingly crushed it under her weight. Tolga winced as he saw the ink smudging and the edges tearing, his heart sinking with each new mark of destruction.

As the music blared and the dancers twirled around him, Tolga felt powerless to stop the onslaught on his diploma. He could only watch in disbelief as it was trampled and torn, a stark reminder of the carelessness and disregard of those around him. The once-pristine document now lay in tatters, a painful symbol of lost achievement and shattered dreams.

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Various types of heels, from stiletto to wedges, leave marks on the diploma and progressively weaken it with continuous impacts and foot sweat from dancing women.

Types of Heels

There are various types of heels that can cause damage to the diploma. Whether it is the sharp stiletto heels or the chunky wedges, each type of heel leaves its mark on the delicate paper. The constant impact of these heels on the diploma can create creases, tears, and dents, eventually weakening the overall structure.

Continuous Impacts

As women dance and move around in their high heels, the diploma is subjected to continuous impacts. These impacts may seem minor at first, but over time, they can add up and contribute to the gradual deterioration of the diploma. Each step taken in high heels can further weaken the paper and decrease its longevity.

Foot Sweat

In addition to the physical impact of the heels, foot sweat from dancing women can also pose a threat to the diploma. The moisture from the sweat can seep into the paper, causing it to warp and become more susceptible to damage. This combination of impacts and foot sweat can accelerate the degradation process of the diploma.

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Esin’s awkward and clumsy movements only served to worsen the situation. With each careless step, the diploma suffered further damage, much to Tolga’s dismay. The once pristine certificate now bore the marks of Esin’s unintended destruction, leaving Tolga feeling helpless as he witnessed the irreversible harm being done to his most prized possession. Despite his best efforts to intervene, Tolga could do nothing but stand by and watch as the diploma, which signified years of hard work and dedication, was marred beyond repair. The weight of the moment hung heavy in the air as Tolga realized that there was no turning back from the damage that had been done.

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As time passes, the once pristine diploma is transformed into an unrecognizable mess. Parts of it are now stuck under the soles of shoes, trampled on by careless partygoers. Other sections are glued to the sticky floor, tainted by spilled drinks and debris from the wild festivities. Throughout it all, Esin takes pleasure in taunting and humiliating Tolga, reveling in his misery.

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Realizing his fate as Esin’s shoe slave, Tolga watches in despair as she walks away, extinguishing what’s left of his diploma with every step.

Tolga stood frozen, the weight of his actions settling heavy upon his shoulders. As Esin strutted away, the jingle of her heels pierced through his heart, a constant reminder of his bondage. He knew then that he was destined to be nothing more than a mere servant to her whims, forever tethered to her shoe collection.

A wave of despair washed over Tolga, realizing the true cost of his foolish choices. The diploma, once a symbol of his hard work and dedication, now lay in ruins at Esin’s feet. With every step she took, it felt as though she was snuffing out the last flicker of hope within him, leaving behind only ashes of regret.

With a heavy heart, Tolga accepted his new reality as Esin’s shoe slave. The once bright future he had envisioned for himself now seemed like a distant memory, replaced by the harsh truth of his servitude. As he bowed his head in resignation, he knew that from that moment on, his fate was sealed.

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