The Tragic Tale of Rui, the Deer Boy

1. Rui’s Transformation

Rui, a gentle and calm deer boy, undergoes a drastic change in behavior as a result of his Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) infection. His once peaceful demeanor is replaced by episodes of violence and self-harm. One of the first signs of this transformation is when Rui starts rubbing his face against a tree, causing a deep wound on his left side. The repeated self-inflicted injuries lead to the formation of a large scar, a physical reminder of the internal struggles he is facing.

As the disease progresses, Rui’s condition deteriorates further. The self-harming tendencies intensify, and he begins to display aggressive behavior towards other forest inhabitants. His once bright and expressive eyes now hold a vacant stare, with one eye eventually becoming blind due to the damage inflicted by his relentless rubbing.

Rui’s transformation from a gentle deer boy to a creature tormented by the effects of CWD is a heartbreaking journey to witness. The scars on his body serve as a visible representation of the internal turmoil and suffering he is enduring. Despite his struggles, there is a glimmer of hope that Rui’s story will not end in tragedy, as efforts are made to find a cure for the dreaded disease that has changed him so profoundly.

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2. Containment

Concerned for Rui’s safety and the safety of others, scientists decide to contain him in a small chamber to prevent any harm. Rui’s once peaceful nature is overshadowed by his erratic and dangerous behavior.

Containment Decision

After witnessing Rui’s unpredictable behavior and the potential danger he poses, the scientists make the difficult decision to confine him in a small chamber. This containment measure is implemented to protect both Rui and those around him from any further harm.

Impact on Rui

Being confined in the small chamber has a noticeable effect on Rui’s demeanor. The once peaceful creature now exhibits erratic and dangerous behavior, displaying a side of him that was previously unseen. The containment seems to have triggered a change in Rui, transforming him into a potential threat.

Struggle for Control

As Rui’s behavior grows increasingly unpredictable and dangerous, the scientists face a constant struggle to maintain control over the situation. The containment chamber becomes a battleground between Rui’s primal instincts and the scientists’ attempts to keep him safe and prevent any harm to themselves or others.

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3. Choi’s Care

Choi, a compassionate scientist, forms a unique bond with Rui as he spends time caring for the troubled deer boy. Despite Rui’s violent tendencies, Choi remains dedicated to helping him cope with his condition.

Choi’s approach to caring for Rui is deeply rooted in empathy and understanding. He recognizes the challenges that Rui faces due to his unique condition and strives to provide him with the support and guidance he needs to navigate through them. Choi’s commitment to Rui goes beyond just physical care; he also offers emotional and mental support, creating a safe space for Rui to express himself without fear of judgment.

Through his interactions with Rui, Choi demonstrates patience and determination. He does not give up on Rui, even when faced with difficult situations or setbacks. Instead, he remains steadfast in his mission to help Rui overcome his struggles and lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

Despite the obstacles they encounter along the way, Choi’s unwavering dedication to Rui never wavers. He constantly seeks new ways to improve Rui’s well-being and quality of life, showcasing his true commitment to the young deer boy’s overall growth and development.

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4. The Struggle for Survival

Rui’s condition takes a turn for the worse as he grapples with the demons raging inside him. The conflict between his inherently gentle nature and the violent impulses triggered by Chronic Wasting Disease thrusts Rui into a pit of despair.

Despite his best efforts to suppress the dark urges, Rui finds himself losing the battle. The symptoms of CWD intensify, gnawing away at his sanity and leaving him teetering on the edge of control. The once peaceful soul within him is now overshadowed by a malevolent force that threatens to consume him whole.

Day by day, Rui struggles to hold on to his fading sense of self. The internal turmoil he faces is not just a physical ailment but a clash of identities. The dichotomy between his true character and the newfound aggressiveness inflicted by the disease creates a chasm in his mind, one that he struggles to bridge.

As the darkness within him grows stronger, Rui’s fight for survival becomes more desperate. Every moment is a battle against the insidious effects of CWD, a fight for his very existence. Will Rui be able to overcome the overwhelming odds stacked against him, or will he succumb to the relentless onslaught of the affliction?

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5. The Final Act

As Rui’s internal struggle intensifies, he finds himself considering extreme measures to put an end to his anguish. The scientific team, led by Choi, is faced with the challenging task of striking a fine balance between showing empathy towards Rui’s emotional turmoil and guaranteeing his safety. It’s a race against time to prevent a catastrophic and heartbreaking outcome.

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