The Touched Incident

1. Births and Adoptions

When a little boy was rescued from a shipwreck, Captain Wey took him in and adopted him as his own. The boy exhibited remarkable abilities from a very young age, showing intelligence and skill beyond his years. He quickly adapted to life on the ship, learning the ways of the sea and becoming a valuable member of the crew.

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2. Discovery of Superpowers

A mystical phenomenon occurs in London as a peculiar cloud releases shimmering snow, bestowing upon select individuals extraordinary abilities known as Turns. Among those affected are individuals like Fairlight, who are now collectively referred to as The Touched. These newfound superpowers manifest themselves in a variety of ways, ranging from enhanced physical strength and agility to manipulation of elements and telekinesis.

As the news spread throughout the city, The Touched individuals find themselves grappling with their newfound abilities and the responsibilities that come with them. Some embrace their Turns, using them to help others and protect the city from threats, while others struggle to control and understand their powers.

The significance of this event cannot be understated, as it marks a turning point in the lives of those who have been touched by the mysterious snow. Whether for better or for worse, London and its inhabitants are now forever changed by the emergence of superpowers in their midst.

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3. Life in Fort Liberty

After relocating to Fort Liberty, Myrddin and his family settled into their new home. Myrddin’s grandfather, a skilled magician, took him under his wing to teach him the art of magic. Myrddin was captivated by the intricacies of spellcasting and quickly began to master the basics of magic.

Meanwhile, Fairlight, Myrddin’s mother, was appointed as the Headmistress of Horizon Academy in Fort Liberty. She was tasked with overseeing the education and training of young wizards and witches in the academy. Fairlight approached her new role with dedication and determination, determined to instill a sense of discipline and excellence in her students.

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4. Return to Earth

Myrddin, along with his consort Moira and their young son, decides to return to Earth after spending many years in the magical realm. Upon their return, Myrddin establishes a school of wizardry where he hopes to pass on his knowledge and skills to the next generation of young wizards. One of the first individuals he invites to join his school is Fairlight, a promising young magician with a natural talent for magic.

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5. Creation of a New Team


Following the sudden acquisition of superpowers, a group of young individuals is faced with a series of challenges and thrilling adventures. As they come to terms with their newfound abilities, each member of the team begins to unravel their own unique powers, discovering the extent of what they are capable of. The journey ahead is filled with uncertainty and excitement, as the team navigates the complexities of their superhuman capabilities.

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