The Time Traveler’s Recruits

1. Jon’s Mission

Jon embarks on a daring journey through time with a crucial purpose in mind. He sets out to seek out a specific group of individuals – his past loves. These women hold a special place in Jon’s heart, and now he needs their help more than ever. A devastating plague has swept through Earth, leaving the world in desolation.

Realizing that the survival of the human race hangs in the balance, Jon knows that drastic measures must be taken. With his knowledge of time travel, he devises a plan to gather his former romantic partners and bring them to the present day. His intention is clear – to rebuild society and repopulate the planet with this carefully chosen group of women.

As Jon navigates through different eras and encounters each of his past loves, he faces a myriad of emotions and challenges. Memories of their time together flood his mind, both happy moments and heartbreaks. Yet, Jon remains resolute in his mission, driven by a fierce determination to save humanity from extinction.

With each woman he recruits, Jon is one step closer to fulfilling his objective. The fate of Earth rests on his shoulders, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that a new beginning is within reach.

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2. Recruiting Cyn

Jon embarks on a journey to the early nineties in order to find and recruit a chubby metalhead named Cyn to become a part of his important mission. Cyn, with her unique appearance and love for heavy metal music, immediately captures Jon’s attention as a potential candidate for the task at hand.

As Jon approaches Cyn and explains the purpose of his mission, Cyn initially seems skeptical. However, after hearing more about the adventure that awaits her and how her skills and interests align perfectly with what is needed, Cyn starts to warm up to the idea of joining Jon on his quest.

With her passion for metal music, Cyn proves to be a valuable addition to the team. Her knowledge of the music scene from the nineties provides invaluable insights and connections that help Jon navigate through the challenges they face in their mission.

Despite some initial doubts, Cyn quickly becomes an essential part of the group, bringing her own unique perspective and skills to the table. Together, Jon and Cyn form a dynamic duo, working in harmony to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

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Recruiting Christie

Jon seeks out fluffy concert slut Christie as his next recruit for the repopulation mission.

Approaching Christie

Jon carefully observes Christie at the concert, noting her friendly interactions with the crowd and her infectious energy.

Initiating a Conversation

After the concert, Jon approaches Christie and strikes up a conversation about the music and the atmosphere of the event.

Pitching the Mission

Jon subtly introduces the idea of the repopulation mission to Christie, highlighting the importance of their cause and the need for individuals like her who embody a free-spirited and adventurous nature.

Christie’s Response

Christie initially seems intrigued by the mission but expresses some reservations about committing to such a significant responsibility.

Assurance and Persuasion

Jon takes the time to address Christie’s concerns, assuring her of the support system in place and appealing to her sense of adventure and desire to make a difference in the world.

Final Decision

After much deliberation, Christie ultimately decides to join Jon on the repopulation mission, eager to embark on this new and meaningful journey.

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4. Recruiting Jenn

Jon persuades reserved fat Jenn to join his mission of repopulating Earth with his past loves.

Jon approached Jenn with a determined expression on his face. He knew that convincing her to join his mission was crucial for its success. Jenn, who was typically reserved and introspective, listened carefully as Jon laid out his plan. He spoke passionately about the importance of repopulating Earth with their past loves, emphasizing the need for companionship and a sense of belonging.

Despite her initial hesitation, Jon’s words struck a chord with Jenn. She began to see the potential benefits of joining his mission and the opportunity to connect with others who shared similar experiences. Slowly, she started to open up to the idea and agreed to be a part of the group.

Jon was overjoyed at this small victory and welcomed Jenn wholeheartedly into their mission. He knew that her unique perspective and insights would be invaluable in their quest to rebuild their community and create a better future for themselves.

With Jenn on board, Jon felt optimistic about the future and the possibilities that lay ahead. Together, they set off on their journey, determined to achieve their goal of repopulating Earth with love and companionship.

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5. Recruiting Tracey

Jon recruits obese fun-loving Tracey to be a part of his group tasked with repopulating Earth.

Recruiting Tracey

After carefully considering who to add to his group, Jon decides to recruit Tracey, an obese and fun-loving individual. Jon believes that Tracey’s unique characteristics and personality will be a valuable addition to the team. With the daunting task of repopulating Earth ahead, Jon knows he needs a diverse group of individuals who can bring different skills and perspectives to the table.

Tracey, initially hesitant about joining the group, is eventually convinced by Jon’s vision and persuasive words. Despite her concerns about the challenges that lie ahead, Tracey decides to commit to the cause and become part of the mission to ensure the survival of humanity.

Jon and Tracey work closely together to prepare for their crucial roles in repopulating Earth. Jon provides guidance and support to Tracey, helping her embrace her strengths and overcome her weaknesses. As they embark on this important journey together, Jon and Tracey form a strong bond based on trust, respect, and teamwork.

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6. Recruiting Ericka

Jon’s journey takes a significant leap forward, fast-forwarding a decade into the future. During this time, Jon is on a mission to recruit individuals for his ambitious repopulation project. One of the key figures he sets his sights on is a woman named Ericka.

Ericka stands out due to her impressive height and sturdy build, making her an ideal candidate for Jon’s vision of rebuilding a community from scratch. Her sweet demeanor and willingness to contribute to Jon’s cause make her a valuable addition to the team.

Jon approaches Ericka with his proposition, outlining the goals and objectives of his repopulation mission. He emphasizes the importance of her role in the project and how her unique attributes can benefit the community they aim to create.

After careful consideration, Ericka decides to join Jon in his endeavor. Together, they set out on a new chapter of their lives, working towards a common goal of establishing a thriving, sustainable community.

As Jon and Ericka embark on this journey together, they face challenges and obstacles along the way. However, their determination and unity enable them to overcome these hurdles, paving the way for a promising future ahead.

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