The Thirsty Crow

1. The Dilemma

Once upon a time, a thirsty crow was flying in search of water. The hot sun beat down on the parched land, causing the crow to feel even more desperate for a drink. Finally, after flying for what seemed like an eternity, the crow spotted a pitcher in the distance.

Excited at the prospect of quenching its thirst, the crow hurried towards the pitcher. However, upon reaching it, the crow was dismayed to find that there were only a few drops of water left at the bottom of the pitcher. The water level was too low for the crow to reach with its beak.

The crow tried various tactics to access the water, but all its efforts were in vain. Frustrated and exhausted, the crow sat by the pitcher, contemplating its next move. It knew that it needed to come up with a clever plan to be able to drink the water and survive the scorching heat of the sun.

As the crow sat pondering its dilemma, an idea started to form in its clever mind. The crow began to drop pebbles into the pitcher, one by one, causing the water level to slowly rise. With each pebble added, the water level inched closer to the top, until finally, the crow was able to quench its thirst.

The clever crow had successfully solved its dilemma by using its intelligence and resourcefulness. It taught a valuable lesson that sometimes, thinking outside the box and being persistent can lead to solutions that seem impossible at first glance.

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2. The Creative Solution

The clever crow comes up with a brilliant idea to quench its thirst. It spots a pitcher with water in it, but the water level is too low for the crow to reach. Faced with this challenge, the crow doesn’t give up. Instead, it decides to use its intelligence to solve the problem.

With a plan in mind, the crow starts collecting pebbles one by one. It then drops each pebble into the pitcher. As more and more pebbles are added to the pitcher, the water level gradually rises. The clever crow continues this process until the water level is high enough for it to drink.

Through its creative solution of using pebbles to raise the water level, the crow showcases its problem-solving skills and determination. This example of ingenuity reminds us that sometimes the most challenging situations can be overcome with creativity and persistence.

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3. Quenching Thirst

After a long and tiring journey, the crow finally comes across a sparkling stream. Thirsty and exhausted, it eagerly dips its beak into the cool water, only to find that the water level is too low for it to reach. Undeterred, the crow takes a pebble in its beak and drops it into the stream. It continues to drop pebble after pebble until the water level rises to where it can finally take a satisfying drink.

With patience and determination, the crow successfully quenches its thirst. It feels rejuvenated and refreshed as it takes flight, feeling grateful for the little pebbles that helped it achieve its goal.

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