The Teachings of Dancing with Siva

1. Understanding the Causal Plane

In ‘Dancing with Siva,’ we explore the mysterious realm of the causal plane, where Gods and highly evolved souls reside. This plane is said to be accessible through the practice of yoga and through temple worship.

The causal plane is often described as a higher dimension of existence, beyond the physical and astral planes. It is where the divine beings, including Gods and Goddesses, dwell in their purest form. It is also believed to be the realm of enlightened souls who have transcended the cycle of birth and death.

Accessing the causal plane is not easy and requires a deep spiritual practice. Yogis and spiritual seekers dedicate their lives to meditation, prayer, and selfless service in order to raise their consciousness to this elevated level. Temples, as sacred places of worship, are considered gateways to the causal plane. By participating in temple rituals and ceremonies, devotees can establish a connection with the divine energies that permeate this higher plane.

Understanding the causal plane is essential for spiritual growth and evolution. By aligning ourselves with the energies of this realm, we can experience profound transformations in our lives. It offers us a glimpse into the infinite possibilities of existence and reminds us of our ultimate purpose as souls on a spiritual journey.

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2. Embracing Faith

Explore the essence of true and enduring faith as a powerful force that shapes attitudes, as detailed in ‘Living with Siva.’

Faith is a fundamental aspect of human experience, guiding individuals through life’s challenges with a sense of purpose and direction. It serves as a powerful force that shapes attitudes, beliefs, and actions. True and enduring faith goes beyond mere belief; it is a deeply held conviction that provides strength and comfort in times of uncertainty. Through faith, individuals find solace in the face of adversity, drawing on inner reserves of resilience and hope.

‘Living with Siva’ delves into the transformative power of faith, illustrating how it can help individuals navigate life’s complexities with grace and fortitude. The text emphasizes the importance of embracing faith as a means of cultivating a positive outlook and fostering a sense of inner peace. By anchoring oneself in faith, one can weather life’s storms and emerge stronger and more resilient.

Ultimately, embracing faith is about trusting in something greater than oneself and surrendering to a higher purpose. It is a source of inspiration and guidance, offering a sense of connection to the divine and a deeper understanding of one’s place in the world. Through faith, individuals can find meaning, purpose, and direction, shaping their attitudes and actions in profound ways.

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3. Harnessing Willpower

Unleashing the formidable force of willpower is a central theme in the teachings found within ‘Merging with Siva.’ This innate drive and determination are what propel individuals towards the realization of their innermost goals and ultimate attainment of higher consciousness. The mastery of willpower is essential in navigating the spiritual path and overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of spiritual progress.

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