The Summer Dress Code Request

1. Introduction

An Asian female worker, concerned about the summer heat, drafts a formal application to request a more lenient dress code for the upcoming season. The rising temperatures have made it increasingly uncomfortable for employees to adhere to the current strict attire guidelines, prompting her to take action. In her well-written letter, she outlines the challenges faced by staff members due to the sweltering heat and advocates for a more relaxed dress code that would provide both comfort and professionalism. Expressing her concerns and suggestions in a professional manner, she seeks support from management to implement necessary changes that would benefit the entire team. Her thoughtful approach aims to foster a more conducive work environment during the hot summer months, ensuring the well-being and productivity of all employees.

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2. The Meeting

During the meeting to discuss the dress code request, the young female worker wearing a blouse tucked into her skirt has visible huge sweat patches, leading to an awkward situation.


The meeting began with a discussion about the dress code request that had been brought to the attention of the management team. As the young female worker raised her concerns about the dress code policy, all eyes were on her as she stood there with her blouse tucked into her skirt.

Awkward Situation

However, the situation took an uncomfortable turn when it became apparent that the young woman had visible huge sweat patches under her arms. This made the atmosphere tense and uncomfortable, as all the other meeting attendees tried to avoid staring or making any reference to the awkward situation.


In order to resolve the awkward situation and maintain professionalism in the meeting, the manager quickly shifted the focus back to the discussion at hand. They acknowledged the concerns raised by the young worker and assured her that they would take them into consideration when reviewing the dress code policy.

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