The Sub-Undersecretary on the Flight

1. Meeting the Sub-Undersecretary

As I was rushing to catch my flight at the crowded airport, I accidentally bumped into a man in a suit who was also in a hurry. To my surprise, he introduced himself as the Sub-Undersecretary of a government department. Flustered by the encounter, I stammered out a greeting, unsure of how to respond to such an unexpected situation.

Despite my awkwardness, the Sub-Undersecretary seemed unfazed and engaged me in conversation, asking about my reason for travel and making small talk. I struggled to maintain my composure, feeling out of place and somewhat intimidated by his official position.

As our conversation continued, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was in the presence of someone with significant authority and influence. I tried my best to respond politely and respectfully, even though I was internally berating myself for my lack of social grace.

By the time our brief interaction came to an end, I was relieved to have survived the encounter without making a complete fool of myself. Reflecting on the encounter later, I realized that chance meetings can sometimes lead to unexpected and uncomfortable situations, but they can also provide valuable lessons in humility and grace under pressure.

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2. Boarding the Crowded Plane

As passengers board the plane, the protagonist finds themselves in a cramped cargo hold with no seats.

Chaos in the Cargo Hold

As the boarding process continues, the protagonist realizes that the plane is completely overcrowded. They anxiously make their way through the narrow aisles of the cargo hold, trying to find a place to stand or sit. The lack of seats is alarming, and the cramped space only adds to the tension in the air.

Desperate Attempts

The protagonist starts to feel claustrophobic as more and more passengers squeeze into the cargo hold. Some are standing, others are sitting on the floor, but there’s simply no space left. Desperation sets in as they search for a way to make themselves more comfortable in the chaotic situation.

A Glimmer of Hope

Just as the protagonist begins to lose all hope of finding a spot to settle in, a flight attendant approaches them with a solution. They are directed to a hidden corner of the cargo hold where a small folding chair is waiting. Grateful for this small reprieve, the protagonist settles into the chair, relieved to have a place to rest during the crowded flight ahead.

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3. Uncomfortable Intimacy

The passengers find themselves in a situation where they are confined to close quarters, creating a sense of mandatory intimacy that they cannot escape. It is a shared discomfort that everyone on board must endure together.

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