The Struggle of SMG4

1. SMG4’s Perfectionism Takes Over

SMG4 finds himself consumed by the idea of creating the perfect video. He becomes fixated on every detail, from the script to the editing process, and nothing seems to meet his high standards. This obsession with perfection leads to increased stress and dissatisfaction within himself.

Despite his best efforts, SMG4 struggles to achieve the level of perfection he desires. He spends countless hours meticulously working on his videos, often neglecting other aspects of his life in the process. This relentless pursuit of perfection begins to take a toll on his mental and emotional well-being.

As SMG4’s perfectionism intensifies, he becomes increasingly frustrated with himself and his work. He sets unrealistic expectations and becomes overly critical of his own efforts. This negative mindset only serves to fuel his perfectionistic tendencies, creating a vicious cycle of dissatisfaction and self-doubt.

In the midst of his perfectionism, SMG4 loses sight of the joy and creativity that initially drew him to making videos. What once was a fun and fulfilling hobby has now become a source of stress and disappointment. It becomes clear that his pursuit of perfection is unsustainable and ultimately detrimental to his overall well-being.

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2. Pushing Away Friends

As SMG4 delves deeper into his work, he begins to distance himself from his friends. The once tight-knit group starts to notice his absence and lack of involvement in their activities, causing tensions to rise among them. They try to reach out to SMG4, but he is always too busy or preoccupied with his work to spend time with them.

This behavior slowly creates a rift between SMG4 and his friends as they feel neglected and unimportant. There are misunderstandings and hurt feelings on both sides, leading to arguments and strained relationships. SMG4’s friends struggle to understand why he is pushing them away and wonder if they did something wrong to deserve this treatment.

Despite his friends’ efforts to communicate with him, SMG4 remains closed off and focused solely on his work. The once vibrant group dynamic is now marred by SMG4’s isolation, causing a palpable sense of unease and discord among them.

As the tensions escalate, SMG4’s friends are left wondering if their friendship can withstand this newfound distance or if it will ultimately lead to their group falling apart. The once inseparable friends are now struggling to find a way back to the close bond they once shared.

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3. Isolation and Frustration

After facing multiple failures, SMG4 finds himself consumed by isolation and frustration. His desire for perfection drives him to lock himself in his room, shutting out the world around him. The once vibrant and social SMG4 now spends hours on end secluded in his own thoughts, obsessing over every detail and flaw.

As he delves deeper into his pursuit of perfection, SMG4’s isolation only intensifies. He becomes increasingly detached from his friends and loved ones, preferring the solitude of his room to any form of social interaction. The frustration of not achieving the level of perfection he seeks weighs heavily on his mind, leading to moments of anger and self-doubt.

Despite his isolation, SMG4 cannot escape the nagging feeling of inadequacy that plagues him. The pressure to succeed and meet his own impossibly high standards only serves to fuel his frustration further. The once optimistic and outgoing SMG4 is now a shadow of his former self, consumed by his own quest for perfection.

Ultimately, SMG4’s isolation and frustration become barriers to his own growth and happiness. As he grapples with these overwhelming emotions, he must confront the reality that true perfection may be unattainable, and that true fulfillment may lie in accepting oneself, flaws and all.

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4. The Breaking Point

During MAR10 Day, a technical issue with the Wi-Fi system causes SMG4 to reach his breaking point, leading to a sudden meltdown that puts his friendships to the ultimate test. The stress of the situation combined with other underlying tensions finally becomes too much for him to handle.

As the Wi-Fi problem escalates, SMG4’s frustration grows, and he begins to lash out at those closest to him. His normally fun and lighthearted demeanor is replaced by anger and resentment, leaving his friends shocked and confused by his unexpected outburst.

With emotions running high and tensions at an all-time high, SMG4’s relationships with his friends are strained. The once strong bonds they shared are now put to the test as they struggle to navigate the aftermath of SMG4’s meltdown.

Will SMG4 be able to repair the damage done to his friendships, or will this breaking point mark the beginning of the end for their tight-knit group? Only time will tell as they attempt to mend the rift caused by the events of MAR10 Day and the emotional fallout that followed.

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