The story of the one and only Ivan

1. Ivan’s Life at the Big Top Mall

Meet Ivan, a magnificent silverback gorilla who calls the Big Top Mall his home. Alongside him are Stella, the wise elephant, and Bob, the spirited stray dog. They form an unlikely but inseparable trio, navigating their days in captivity within the confines of the mall.

Despite their confined surroundings, Ivan, Stella, and Bob share a deep bond that transcends their circumstances. Ivan, the gentle giant, often spends his days contemplating his past life in the wild and the memories of freedom that linger in his mind. Stella, with her kind and nurturing nature, serves as a mother figure not only to Ivan but to the other animals at the mall as well. Bob brings a sense of playfulness and companionship, bringing light to their otherwise monotonous existence.

Together, they create a semblance of a family, leaning on each other for support and comfort in a world that is far from natural for creatures like them. While their days may be filled with performances and interactions with visitors, beneath the surface, there is a yearning for something more—a yearning for a life that is true to their wild instincts and inherent nature.

As Ivan’s life unfolds at the Big Top Mall, we begin to see the complexities of captivity and the resilience of the spirit in the face of adversity. Through their shared experiences and individual struggles, Ivan, Stella, and Bob navigate the challenges of their existence with grace and dignity, holding onto hope for a better future.

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2. Stella’s Wish

Stella, an older elephant, shares her longing to live in a zoo with more expansive spaces, where she can roam freely and live comfortably. She expresses her belief in the positive impact of good zoos, seeing them as a way for humans to atone for the injustices inflicted upon her and her fellow animals.

Stella’s wish for a better living environment mirrors the desires of many captive animals who yearn for a more natural and fulfilling existence. Her hope for wider spaces speaks to the fundamental need for animals to have adequate room to move around, socialize, and exhibit their natural behaviors.

By highlighting the importance of good zoos, Stella recognizes that not all zoos are created equal. She understands that well-managed and ethical zoos can provide essential care for animals in need, educate the public about conservation efforts, and support species survival initiatives. Stella’s perspective sheds light on the potential for zoos to serve as valuable resources in the ongoing efforts to protect and preserve wildlife.

In expressing her wish and belief, Stella invites reflection on the role that humans play in the lives of animals in captivity. Her words inspire contemplation on how we can work towards creating environments that prioritize the well-being and dignity of all creatures, including those living in zoos.

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3. Stella’s Passing

Stella’s health deteriorates due to her chronic injury, ultimately leading to her passing. As she nears the end of her life, she entrusts Ivan with the important task of taking care of Ruby, their fellow animal friend. Knowing that Ivan will ensure Ruby’s well-being and safety, Stella also asks him to find a better place for Ruby to live.

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4. Ivan’s Promise

Ivan finds himself in a difficult situation as he grapples with the promise he made to Stella. Witnessing Ruby’s harsh treatment at the hands of the cruel owner, Mack, only adds to his sense of urgency. It becomes clear to Ivan that he must take action to fulfill his commitment to Stella and ensure Ruby’s well-being.

As he observes the mistreatment of Ruby, Ivan begins to formulate a plan for their escape. He knows that they must find a way to break free from the oppressive environment they are living in. Ivan resolves to do whatever it takes to keep his promise to Stella and give Ruby the chance for a better life.

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5. A New Plan

Following Julia’s guidance, Ivan channels his artistic talent to convey a powerful message about the concept of home. Through his art, Ivan manages to capture the hearts of the audience and sparks a wave of empathy and understanding among the public. His poignant creations serve as a stark reminder of the harsh reality faced by animals living in captivity at the Big Top Mall.

The impact of Ivan’s art is profound, prompting a widespread outcry from concerned citizens who are moved by his powerful portrayal of longing for freedom and a sense of belonging. As his message spreads like wildfire through various social media platforms and news outlets, the public pressure mounts on the authorities to take action against the atrocities being committed at the mall.

In response to the growing public outrage and pressure, the Big Top Mall is eventually forced to shut down its operations. Ivan’s art, coupled with Julia’s relentless advocacy, proves to be instrumental in bringing about this much-needed change. The closure of the mall marks a significant victory for the welfare of animals and sets a precedent for ethical treatment of creatures in captivity.

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6. Freedom at Last

After being taken to the zoo, Ivan, Ruby, and the other animals had to adapt to their new environment. The transition from captivity to the wild was not easy for Ivan, who had grown accustomed to his life as a performing gorilla. However, with the help of his old friends Bob and Ruby, Ivan slowly started to embrace his true nature as a wild gorilla.

As Ivan spent more time in his new home, he began to rediscover his primal instincts and natural behaviors. He climbed trees, foraged for food, and interacted with the other gorillas in the exhibit. Despite the challenges he faced, Ivan felt a sense of freedom he had never experienced before.

Reuniting with Bob and Ruby was a heartwarming moment for Ivan. The three friends supported each other as they navigated their newfound independence. Ivan felt a deep connection to his companions, forming a bond that transcended their shared past as performers.

Through his interactions with the other animals in the zoo, Ivan found a new sense of belonging. He learned to communicate with his fellow gorillas through gestures and vocalizations, forming relationships based on mutual understanding and respect. Ivan’s journey to freedom was not easy, but he ultimately found peace and fulfillment in his new life as a wild gorilla.

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