The Story of Prophet Noah (Peace be upon him) in the Quran

1. Prophet Noah’s Call to His People

Noah delivers a powerful message to his community, emphasizing the importance of worshipping only one God. He stresses the significance of monotheism and calls upon his people to abandon their practices of worshipping multiple deities. Noah’s plea is rooted in his unwavering faith in the oneness of God and his desire to guide his people towards truth and righteousness.

Despite facing resistance and ridicule from his community, Noah remains steadfast in his mission, tirelessly preaching the message of monotheism. He warns his people of the consequences of their polytheistic beliefs and urges them to turn towards the worship of the one true God. Noah’s call is fueled by a deep sense of compassion for his people and a sense of duty to guide them towards spiritual enlightenment and salvation.

Through his unwavering dedication and commitment to spreading the message of monotheism, Prophet Noah sets a powerful example of faith and perseverance. His unwavering belief in the oneness of God serves as a beacon of light amidst the darkness of polytheism, inspiring his community to reevaluate their beliefs and embrace the truth of monotheistic worship.

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Construction of the Ark

Noah diligently follows God’s instructions to construct a massive ark in preparation for the impending flood. Despite facing skepticism and ridicule from his neighbors, Noah continues to build the ark with unwavering faith in God’s plan. He meticulously gathers the required materials and meticulously follows the exact specifications provided by God.

As Noah labors day in and day out, the ark begins to take shape, becoming a symbol of hope amidst the impending disaster. The task is not easy, but Noah perseveres, trusting in God’s divine guidance and protection. The construction of the ark serves as a testament to Noah’s obedience and faithfulness to God.

As the ark nears completion, animals from all corners of the earth start to gather, guided by God to seek refuge within the safety of the ark. Noah marvels at the miracle unfolding before him, as the animals peacefully enter the ark in pairs, male and female, as commanded by God.

Finally, the ark stands majestic and strong, ready to weather the storm that will soon engulf the earth. Noah, his family, and the animals are safely secured inside, awaiting the floodwaters that will cleanse the earth of its wickedness. The construction of the ark symbolizes God’s mercy and grace, providing a means of salvation for the faithful and obedient.

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3. The Flood

God sends a flood to cleanse the earth, saving Noah and the believers on the ark.

The Great Deluge

According to the scriptures, the flood was a massive deluge that covered the entire earth, destroying all living beings except for those on Noah’s ark. The flood was sent by God as a means of cleansing the world of sin and corruption.

Noah’s Ark

Noah, a righteous man in the eyes of God, was chosen to build an ark to save himself, his family, and pairs of every kind of animal from the impending flood. The ark served as a sanctuary during the storm, protecting its inhabitants until the waters receded.

The Aftermath

After the floodwaters subsided, Noah and his family emerged from the ark to a world transformed. God made a covenant with Noah, promising never to send such a destructive flood again. This event marked a new beginning for humanity, symbolizing rebirth and renewal.

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4. End of the Flood

As the flood waters gradually recede, a sense of relief fills the hearts of Noah, his family, and all the animals aboard the ark. The seemingly endless storm finally comes to an end, and they are able to see glimpses of sunlight breaking through the dark clouds above. The ark, guided by the hand of God, safely comes to rest on a mountaintop, symbolizing the end of this harrowing journey.

Noah opens the doors of the ark and steps out onto the dry land, feeling the solid ground beneath his feet for the first time in what seems like an eternity. The animals emerge one by one, eager to explore their new surroundings and revel in the fresh air. The earth is cleansed of the destruction brought on by the flood, and a new beginning is on the horizon.

With a heart full of gratitude, Noah offers a sacrifice to God, thanking Him for His protection and provision throughout the flood. The smell of the burnt offering rises to the heavens, a sweet aroma of worship and obedience. God looks favorably upon Noah and his family, making a covenant with them to never again destroy the earth with a flood.

As they gaze out at the vast expanse before them, Noah and his family are filled with hope and anticipation for the future. The end of the flood marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, one filled with promise, blessings, and the presence of God guiding their every step.

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5. God’s Covenant with Noah

After the devastating global flood, God made a promise to never again send such a catastrophic event to destroy all living creatures. This promise was established through a covenant with Noah, a righteous man who found favour in the eyes of the Lord. The covenant served as a sign of God’s mercy and grace towards humanity, despite its sinful nature.

Through this covenant, God reaffirmed His commitment to the preservation of life on earth. He instructed Noah to build an ark and gather two of every kind of living creature, along with his family, to escape the impending flood. After the waters receded, God made a covenant with Noah, symbolized by a rainbow in the sky, as a reminder of His promise to never again bring a global flood.

This covenant with Noah demonstrates God’s faithfulness and compassion towards His creation. It serves as a testament to His enduring love for humanity, providing hope and reassurance in times of trial and tribulation. Through this covenant, God reveals His desire for a relationship with His people, offering protection and guidance in the face of adversity.

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