The Story of Druvam

1. Druvam’s Story Begins

There was a little boy named Druvam who loved to play. Hours would go by as he ran, jumped, and rolled, chasing butterflies, kicking balls, and making imaginary castles. His house echoed with his laughter and his tiny footsteps that darted from one room to another in endless energy. He was the youngest and the most energetic in his family, his twinkling eyes always brimming with mischief and joy.

Although Druvam was a lively boy, he had a small problem. He forgot to wash his hands. He would play with his toys, touch his dirty shoes, and run his fingers through mucky soil. His hands often became dirty, but it wouldn’t bother him at all. He would continue with his games, laughing, running and sometimes even eating without washing them. To make it worse, he had a habit of putting his unwashed hands in his mouth. He was oblivious to the importance of cleanliness and the tiny monsters called germs that could make him fall sick.

Druvam’s hands became a home for these little germs. Unbeknownst to the little boy, these germs could make him sick. But Druvam cared more about his games and his imaginary world than the invisible germs. He was a happy boy, but with a tiny mistake – his lack of cleanliness.

Druvam playing joyfully forgetting to wash his dirty hands

2. Druvam Loves Playing in the Mud

If there was one thing that Druvam loved more than his toys, it was playing in the mud! There was something endlessly exciting and absolute fun about this messy play for him. He loved the feeling of the cool, wet mud squishing through his little fingers. He enjoyed making mud pies as though he was a master chef preparing special dishes. He would laugh and giggle, creating shapes and decorating them with pebbles and leaves, fully immersed in his muddy adventure.

But in this fun, Druvam always forgot one important thing – washing his hands afterward. His hands, smeared with the sludgy mud, were often left unclean. Mud pies, dirty rocks, and smudgy leaves were endlessly interesting to him, but so were the sandwiches for lunch! In the excitement of his play, he’d rush to eat without washing his hands. His dirty hands would pick up his sandwich, and into his mouth it went, taking along all the invisible germs from the mud. It was indeed very bad, but poor Druvam was unaware of it.

Mud was Druvam’s canvas and his hands the artist. In this world of his, cleanliness seemed to be an alien concept. Little did he realize that his love for the mud was becoming a problem – a problem that could bring him pain and sickness.

Druvam making mud pies forgetting to clean his hands afterwards

3. Everyone Tries to Tell Druvam

Druvam’s parents noticed his bad habits. They saw him play endlessly in the mud, touch dirty things and then, put those dirty hands in his mouth. They knew it was harmful. So, they explained to Druvam, “Dear, your hands are home to invisible bugs called germs when you don’t clean them. These germs can make you sick if they reach your tummy. So, remember to wash hands before you eat.”

His teachers at school also noticed the same problem. During the lunch break, they observed Druvam munching on his lunch with muddy hands. Concerned, they too sat him down and said, “Druvam, do you know how important cleanliness is? Those tiny germs on your unwashed hands will make you fall sick. Always wash your hands before eating.”

Even his friends started to notice. They saw Druvam’s hands tinted with dirt while they played. Even on their picnic days, Druvam would eat snacks with those dirty hands. They told him, “Druvam, you should clean your hands. We don’t want you to fall sick!”

Everyone was trying to help Druvam understand that cleanliness is essential, but Druvam simply didn’t listen. All their words of advice seemed to not reach Druvam. He kept playing in his world, forgetting the important lessons of cleanliness.

Druvam ignoring advice from parents teachers and friends about cleanliness

4. Druvam Gets Sick

With days passing by, things started to go wrong for little Druvam. His usual gleeful face began to droop, and he didn’t feel like playing anymore. He started feeling sick, and soon his laughter was replaced with moans of discomfort. One day, Druvam had a really bad tummy ache. It hurt so much that he couldn’t even walk properly. The little boy who loved playing in the mud and never listened to anyone about cleanliness had fallen ill.

His worried parents hurriedly took him to the doctor, who after examining Druvam, informed them that he had got a stomach infection because of the germs entering his stomach. Those were the same invisible germs that had been having a party on his dirty hands and found their way into his tummy when Druvam had put them into his mouth. Druvam’s small mistake had given him big pain.

His bed became the boundary of his world, and toys didn’t fascinate him anymore. Unlike before, he wasn’t laughing or running around. Instead, he lay on his bed all day, feeling sick and weak. His friends missed him at play, his family missed his laughter, and Druvam missed being healthy. It was not how the jolly little boy was used to living. His dirty hands had made him sick, and all he wanted now was to get better.

Sick Druvam lying in bed regretting not washing his hands

5. Druvam Learns His Lesson

While Druvam was sick, he realized how hard it was to be confined in a room. How he missed running around, chasing after butterflies, and playing with his friends! The pain in his stomach reminded him of the warnings his parents, teachers, and friends had given. Lying in his bed, Druvam realized his mistakes. He remembered all the times they had told him to wash his hands and practise cleanliness, but he hadn’t listened. Now, he was paying for it.

Finally Druvam, who had always been stubborn, decided to listen. He felt a change in him, the pain in his stomach made him want to improve. He didn’t want the germs to make him sick again; he wanted to be the healthy, happy Druvam he was before. He promised himself that he would wash his hands regularly and keep them clean, especially before touching his mouth. The importance of cleanliness he had been taught finally made sense to him now. It was a tough lesson learned.

Once Druvam got better, he remembered his promise. He would go to the tap and wash his hands often. He remembered to clean his hands after playing, before eating, and kept them away from his mouth. Druvam had finally learned his lesson, a lesson that made him and everyone around him happier and healthier. He was no longer the sick boy but the clean and healthy Druvam.

Druvam finally washing his hands learning his lesson about hygiene

6. The Happy Ending

All the pain that Druvam had gone through due to his illness had taught him a valuable lesson. The boy who used to love playing in the mud and disliked washing hands was now spending time at the sink, making sure his hands were clean. He was careful not to touch his mouth with dirty hands and made sure he was clean before he sat down to eat his meals. He had changed a lot, and everyone noticed this change in him.

Druvam wasn’t falling sick anymore. He was the same energetic, playful boy he used to be. His friends were happy to have him back in their games. His family was relieved to see him healthy and cheerful. His teachers appreciated his new habits. Everyone had a giant smile on their faces when they saw the new Druvam. They were proud of how he had learned from his mistakes and made a big change in his life.

Most importantly, Druvam was happy to be healthy again. He realized that it was important to stay clean and keep the germs away. His story was indeed a lesson for everyone, especially little children, reminding them to always keep their hands clean. Druvam had finally found his happy ending, and it made him the happiest little boy in the world!

A healthy and happy Druvam after learning about cleanliness

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