The Stand-Up Kid

1. David’s Routine

David, a 10-year-old chubby and chatty boy, starts his day by heading to the bus stop every morning to catch the bus to school. He wakes up bright and early, eager to start his day. After getting dressed in his school uniform, David quickly grabs his backpack and rushes out the door to meet his friends at the bus stop.

Despite his young age, David is very independent and responsible. He knows the bus schedule by heart and always arrives at the stop five minutes early to ensure he doesn’t miss the bus. While waiting, he loves to chat with his friends about their plans for the day or share the latest jokes they heard.

Once the bus arrives, David eagerly hops on board and finds a seat near the window. During the bus ride, he often looks out at the passing scenery, excited for the adventures that await him at school. As the bus pulls up to the school, David says goodbye to his friends and heads inside to start his day of learning and fun.

David’s routine may seem simple, but it sets the foundation for a successful day ahead. His enthusiasm for each new day is contagious, making him a joy to be around for his friends and teachers alike.

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2. Encounter on the Bus

David steps onto the bus, the familiar sound of chatter filling the air. As he makes his way down the aisle to find a seat, his attention is drawn to the back where Jason, the typical bully of the school, is picking on a new Korean girl. The girl looks visibly upset, her eyes downcast as Jason’s cruel words linger in the air.

Something within David stirs as he witnesses the scene unfold. Without hesitation, he approaches Jason and stands up to him, his voice firm as he demands that Jason stop his harassment. The bus falls silent, all eyes on the unfolding confrontation between the two boys.

Jason, taken aback by David’s unexpected intervention, scoffs at him, trying to brush him off with a casual laugh. But David remains steadfast, his gaze unwavering as he refuses to back down. The tension between them is palpable, the air thick with anticipation of what will happen next.

Despite Jason’s attempts to intimidate him, David stands his ground, a mixture of anger and determination in his eyes. The Korean girl looks up, her expression changing from fear to gratitude as she witnesses David’s bravery in standing up for her.

As the bus ride continues, the dynamics between David and Jason have shifted. Though the tension still lingers, David’s act of courage has not gone unnoticed, leaving a lasting impact on both the bully and the bullied girl.

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3. Intervention

As chaos erupts on the school bus, the bus driver steps in to intervene. With a stern voice, he instructs the rowdy students to settle down and behave themselves. David, normally a quiet and reserved boy, finds his courage rising within him as he witnesses the unfair treatment of the new girl sitting alone in the back. Despite his trembling hands and racing heart, he stands up and speaks out in defense of the new girl.

His actions don’t go unnoticed by the girl, who looks up at him with a mixture of surprise and gratitude. A bond forms between them in that moment, a connection forged in the face of adversity. David’s simple act of bravery makes a difference not only for the new girl but also for himself, empowering him in a way he never thought possible.

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