The Spectacle of Change

1. The Taunting Begins

At school, a popular girl named Wooyeon begins to taunt girls who wear glasses. She starts by making snide comments and teasing them in front of other students. The girls with glasses feel self-conscious and embarrassed by Wooyeon’s hurtful words and actions. They try to ignore her, but it becomes increasingly difficult as Wooyeon’s taunting escalates.

Wooyeon goes out of her way to make the girls with glasses feel inferior. She makes fun of their appearance, calling them names like “four-eyes” and “nerd.” The girls try to brush off her remarks and pretend they don’t care, but deep down, they are hurt by Wooyeon’s cruel behavior.

Despite the girls’ efforts to avoid Wooyeon, she continues to target them whenever she gets the chance. She spreads rumors about them, sabotages their projects, and even goes as far as to trip them in the hallways. The girls with glasses feel isolated and alone, wondering why Wooyeon is so intent on making their lives miserable.

As Wooyeon’s taunting intensifies, the girls with glasses must decide whether to confront her or suffer in silence. They struggle with their self-esteem and confidence, questioning why their eyewear makes them a target for Wooyeon’s bullying. The taunting becomes a daily ordeal for the girls, leaving them feeling helpless and defeated.

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2. The Unexpected Change

One night, Wooyeon experienced a sudden and unexpected change in her vision. She woke up to find that her ability to see had significantly worsened, and she realized that she now needed -5.00 glasses to aid her vision.

This unexpected development took Wooyeon by surprise and left her feeling confused and anxious. She had never experienced such a rapid decline in her eyesight before, and the suddenness of it all was overwhelming. She struggled to come to terms with the fact that she would now have to rely on glasses to see clearly.

Wooyeon’s daily routine was disrupted as she had to adjust to wearing glasses constantly. Simple tasks such as reading, watching TV, or even recognizing people from a distance became challenging without her glasses. She found herself constantly reaching for her new pair of -5.00 glasses, feeling a sense of dependency on them that she had never experienced before.

As Wooyeon navigated through this unexpected change, she also had to deal with the emotional impact it had on her. She felt a sense of loss for her previously normal vision and mourned the convenience of not needing glasses. However, she also found strength in her ability to adapt and accepted her new reality, embracing the use of glasses as a necessary tool to help her see clearly.

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3. A Growing Problem

As time goes on, Wooyeon’s eyesight seems to be deteriorating at a rapid pace. The need for new glasses has become a bi-weekly occurrence, with each new prescription reaching a staggering -9.00 strength. This constant cycle of worsening vision has become a significant concern for Wooyeon and those close to him.

Despite the regular visits to the optometrist and the consistent upgrading of his eyewear, Wooyeon’s vision shows no signs of stabilizing. The once simple task of reading or watching TV has now become a strain on his eyes, causing discomfort and frustration.

This growing problem is not only affecting Wooyeon’s daily life but also his overall well-being. The constant adjustments to his glasses and the strain on his eyes have taken a toll on his mental and emotional health. The fear of what lies ahead, with the potential for even stronger prescriptions in the future, looms over him like a dark cloud.

With each new pair of -9.00 glasses, Wooyeon is reminded of the severity of his vision issues. The frustration and helplessness he feels serve as a constant reminder of the growing problem that he is facing. It is clear that immediate action and intervention are necessary to address this alarming trend before it worsens further. Wooyeon’s journey to find a solution to his deteriorating eyesight has only just begun.

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4. Role Reversal

The girls she once mocked now tease Wooyeon for needing stronger glasses than them.

Changing Dynamics

Wooyeon finds herself in a unique position as she faces teasing from the girls she had once mocked for wearing glasses. The dynamics have shifted, and she is now the subject of their playful jabs.

Stronger Glasses

Wooyeon’s prescription has changed, and she now requires stronger glasses to see clearly. This change in her visual strength has not gone unnoticed by her peers, who point out the irony of her previous behavior towards them.

Humility and Reflection

Being on the receiving end of mockery has caused Wooyeon to reflect on her past actions. She realizes the impact of her words and behavior on others, leading her to cultivate humility and empathy.

Lesson Learned

The role reversal Wooyeon experiences serves as a valuable lesson for her. It teaches her the importance of treating others with kindness and respect, regardless of their differences.

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5. The Final Humiliation

After an unexpected turn of events, Wooyeon finds herself at the mercy of her peers once again. This time, her glasses are the target of their ridicule. A group of students snatch her glasses away, leaving her feeling vulnerable and exposed. Without her glasses, Wooyeon struggles to navigate her surroundings, her vision blurred and distorted.

The loss of her glasses forces Wooyeon to resort to purchasing a new pair, even stronger than the previous ones. As she walks around with her new glasses, she can feel the stares and whispers of her classmates. The incident not only takes a toll on her self-esteem but also highlights the extent of the cruelty she faces on a daily basis.

Despite the humiliation, Wooyeon refuses to let the actions of others define her. She puts on her new glasses with a newfound determination, ready to face whatever challenges come her way. The incident serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience that lies within her, even in the face of adversity.

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