The SMG4 Castle at The Showgrounds

1. Construction Begins

The start of the SMG4 Castle’s construction process initiates once SMG4 secures the necessary funds. Progress continues steadily until the project reaches completion of the basement area.

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2. SMG3’s Plans

After recovering his notebook, SMG3 wasted no time in sketching out his new venture, III’s Coffee N’ Bombs, that would soon grace The Showgrounds. The notebook, filled with intricate diagrams and detailed notes, served as the blueprint for his dream establishment.

SMG3 meticulously planned every aspect of III’s Coffee N’ Bombs, from the layout of the seating area to the selection of the finest coffee beans and ingredients for his signature dishes. He envisioned a cozy yet lively atmosphere where customers could enjoy a cup of coffee while surrounded by the aroma of freshly baked goodies.

Researching suppliers, scouting locations, and finalizing the menu became the central focus of SMG3’s days. He poured his heart and soul into every decision, determined to create a coffee shop unlike any other at The Showgrounds.

With each passing day, SMG3’s excitement grew as his plans took shape. III’s Coffee N’ Bombs was more than just a business venture for him; it was a reflection of his passion for coffee and his love for bringing people together.

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3. Progress and Challenges

Currently, the upper floors of the castle are still undergoing construction as SMG3 tirelessly works towards completing his new home. Despite the initial excitement of starting this new project, challenges have arisen along the way.


Although the construction of the upper floors is taking longer than anticipated, steady progress is being made. The walls are slowly taking shape, and the rooms are starting to resemble the vision that SMG3 had in mind. Each day brings new advancements, and the castle is gradually transforming into the majestic structure that was envisioned.


As with any construction project, challenges have presented themselves. From delays in material deliveries to unexpected structural issues, SMG3 has faced obstacles that have tested his patience and resolve. Despite these challenges, SMG3 remains determined to see the project through to completion.

With perseverance and dedication, SMG3 is confident that he will overcome the challenges and turn his dream home into a reality that he can be proud of.

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