The Silent Sleepers

1. Discovery

As Ahriman, Frankie, and Jillian entered Panai’s office, they were immediately struck by the sight of their colleague slumped over her desk, fast asleep. However, upon closer inspection, they quickly realized that something was very wrong. Panai’s complexion was pale, and she seemed to be struggling to breathe.

Frankie reached out to shake Panai awake, but she remained unresponsive. Ahriman quickly checked her pulse and found it weak and erratic. Jillian, a former nurse, immediately recognized the symptoms of poisoning and hurriedly searched for any clues that could explain what had happened to their friend.

After a frantic search of the room, they discovered a half-empty glass of water on Panai’s desk, with a strange residue at the bottom. Ahriman carefully sniffed the liquid and recoiled at the acrid scent that wafted up to his nose.

Realization dawned on the trio – Panai had been poisoned. Without wasting a moment, they sprang into action, calling for help and trying to keep Panai stable until medical assistance arrived. The discovery of their colleague in such a dire state left them stunned and determined to find out who was responsible for this heinous act.

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2. Waking the Victims

When the group attempts to wake up Panai, Heather, and Hector, they quickly realize that all three of them are affected by whatever force has taken hold of them. Panai, usually a light sleeper, does not stir when they call out her name. Heather, known for being an early riser, remains unresponsive even when her shoulder is gently shaken. Hector, typically the first to wake up in the morning, shows no signs of waking up either.

As the rest of the group looks on in confusion and concern, they begin to realize the gravity of the situation. The fact that all three victims are affected suggests that this is not a mere coincidence or individual illness. There must be a larger force at play, one that has targeted them specifically.

With this unsettling realization sinking in, the group must now come together to figure out how to rouse their friends from whatever deep slumber has taken hold of them. They know that time is of the essence, and that they must act swiftly to uncover the source of this mysterious affliction before it’s too late.

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