The Sibling Rivalry


In the household resided father Aydar, mother Alsu, their eldest son Zakhar who was 19 years old, their middle son Arsen aged 17, and the youngest son German who was just 5 years old. The family dynamics were unique, with each member contributing to the overall atmosphere of warmth and love in the home. Father Aydar was a hardworking man, dedicated to providing for his family and ensuring their well-being. Mother Alsu, on the other hand, was the glue that held the family together, managing the household and showering her sons with love and affection.

Zakhar, the oldest of the three brothers, was a responsible young man who took his role as the eldest sibling seriously. He was always there to offer guidance and support to his younger brothers, setting a good example for them to follow. Arsen, the middle son, was the family clown with a mischievous streak. Despite his playful nature, he had a kind heart and would go out of his way to make his family laugh and smile.

The youngest member of the family, German, brought joy and innocence into the household with his playful antics and infectious laughter. Despite the age gaps between the siblings, they shared a close bond and looked out for each other, creating a tight-knit family unit.

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One night, while the parents were asleep, Zakhar was engrossed in playing games on his phone. He sat in the dimly lit room, the glow of the screen reflecting on his face as he tapped away at the virtual world before him. Arsen, on the other hand, was seated at the computer, his eyes fixed on the monitor as he navigated through websites and programs. The soft click-clack of the keyboard was the only sound in the room, aside from the occasional beep or notification sound.

Meanwhile, German was sprawled out on the floor with his favorite toys scattered around him. His imagination was running wild as he created elaborate worlds and scenarios with his action figures and toy cars. The room was a mix of the soft glow of screens, the clicking of keys, and the excited murmurs of a child lost in play.

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German approached Zakhar to take his phone, but Zakhar pushed him off the bed, causing German to hit himself on Arsen’s desk.

German’s Aggressive Move

German, feeling threatened, made a sudden move towards Zakhar to grab his phone. This action caught Zakhar off guard, prompting him to react swiftly to defend himself.

Zakhar’s Defensive Response

In a split second decision, Zakhar pushed German off the bed in an attempt to create distance between them and protect himself from the advancing threat. The force of the push caused German to lose his balance and collide with Arsen’s desk.

Consequences of the Encounter

The impact of hitting the desk left German in pain and discomfort, serving as a physical reminder of the tense confrontation between him and Zakhar. This incident may have lasting effects on their relationship and interactions going forward.

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Arsen, annoyed, kicked German and told him to leave. The tension between the brothers escalated quickly.

The sudden outburst from Arsen caught German off guard. As he rubbed his side where Arsen’s foot made contact, a mix of shock and hurt displayed on his face. “What’s gotten into you?” German questioned, taken aback by his brother’s aggressive behavior.

Arsen’s anger continued to fester, his face flushing in frustration. “I can’t stand being around you anymore,” he retorted, voice laced with irritation. The atmosphere in the room shifted, becoming thick with tension as the brothers stood face to face, the animosity between them palpable.

German, not one to back down easily, squared his shoulders. “Fine, I’ll go,” he said with a steely resolve, turning to leave the room. The sound of the door closing behind him echoed in the silence that followed, emphasizing the rift that had formed between the siblings.

The aftermath of Arsen’s actions left a lingering bitterness in the air, the harmony that once existed shattered by his outburst. As the siblings grappled with their strained relationship, the consequences of Arsen’s impulsive decision weighed heavily on both of them, leaving them at odds with each other.

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