The Shinazugawa Family: A Werewolf’s Bite

1. Family Dinner

The Shinazugawa family eagerly awaits Genya’s return from the store, anticipating a peaceful dinner together. As the minutes tick by, their worry grows until they finally hear the sound of the front door opening. However, their relief is short-lived as they see Genya limping into the dining room, clutching his forearm, blood dripping from a fresh wound.

His mother gasps in shock, dropping the ladle she was holding, while his father springs into action, grabbing a towel to apply pressure to the wound. Genya’s younger sister starts to cry, unable to comprehend what has happened to her beloved brother. Each family member reacts differently to the scene before them, but one thing is certain – their peaceful family dinner has been shattered by this unexpected turn of events.

Questions swirl in their minds – how did Genya get injured? What attacked him? Is he in danger? The once cheerful atmosphere of the family dinner is now tinged with fear and uncertainty. Despite their concern, the Shinazugawa family knows they must band together to support Genya and ensure his speedy recovery from this mysterious werewolf bite.

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2. Panic and Healing

Sanemi hurriedly returns with Genya, whose wound from the bite is promptly attended to by their mother. Genya grits his teeth, trying to endure the excruciating pain shooting through his body.

As their mother tends to Genya’s wound, Sanemi paces back and forth in a panic, his mind racing with worry for his brother. He tries to maintain his composure, but the fear of losing his younger sibling threatens to overwhelm him.

Genya, on the other hand, tries to stay strong despite the searing pain. His eyes are clenched shut, tears of pain escaping despite his best efforts to remain stoic. He knows that his mother’s healing abilities are their best bet at saving him from whatever venom the creature injected into his body.

The room is filled with tension as Genya’s body convulses in pain, his mother’s soothing words and gentle touch providing a small sense of comfort amidst the chaos. Sanemi watches helplessly, his heart breaking at the sight of his brother’s suffering.

Hours pass before the pain begins to subside, and Genya’s breathing steadies. Their mother’s healing powers have worked their magic once again, saving Genya from the brink of death. Sanemi lets out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding, relief washing over him in waves.

As the crisis subsides, the bond between the brothers grows stronger, forged through the trials and tribulations they have faced together. They know that no matter what challenges come their way, they will always have each other to rely on.

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3. Recovery

As Genya slowly begins to recover from the intense battle with the werewolf, he notices a sharp, stinging pain shooting through his arm. This unsettling sensation serves as a stark reminder of the lingering effects of the cursed creature’s vicious attack.

Despite his efforts to rest and let his body heal, the persistent ache in his arm acts as a constant thorn in his side. Each time he moves it, the pain pulses through him, a harsh reminder of the danger he faced and the profound impact it has left on him.

Genya tries to push through the discomfort, determined to resume his normal routines and put the harrowing encounter behind him. However, the nagging pain serves as a grim testament to the fact that some wounds go beyond the physical, delving into the realm of the supernatural.

As he reflects on the events that transpired, Genya realizes that he may never fully escape the curse that was inflicted upon him. The sharp pain in his arm serves as a haunting echo of the werewolf’s ferocity, a chilling reminder of the dark forces that lurk in the shadows.

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