The Sheriff’s Fever

1. Caitlyn’s Sickness

Sheriff Caitlyn of Piltover is struck down with a fever and a pounding headache. She had been feeling unwell for a few days, but the symptoms had worsened overnight. As the town’s only law enforcement officer, Caitlyn understood the importance of taking care of herself, but duty called even in her time of need.

Despite her best efforts to push through the illness, Caitlyn found herself struggling to focus on her work. The fever made her feel woozy, and the headache made it nearly impossible to think straight. She knew she needed to rest and recover, but the thought of leaving the town unprotected weighed heavily on her.

As the day wore on, Caitlyn’s condition continued to deteriorate. Her deputies noticed her pale complexion and the sweat glistening on her forehead. Concerned for her well-being, they urged her to go home and rest. Reluctantly, Caitlyn agreed and handed over her badge temporarily, promising to return as soon as she was able.

Alone in her small, dimly lit room, Caitlyn tried to rest. The fever burned through her body, and the headache felt like a relentless hammer pounding against her skull. Despite her discomfort, Caitlyn’s thoughts remained on the safety and security of Piltover.

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2. Vi’s Care

Vi, the devoted wife of the ailing patient, tirelessly takes on the role of nurse in an effort to aid her beloved back to health. With a heart full of love and concern, she gently retrieves a spoon and carefully ladles warm soup into her partner’s mouth, hoping nourishment and comfort will help speed up the recovery process. Vi’s tender actions are a testament to her unwavering dedication and empathy towards her significant other during this trying time.

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3. Soup Troubles

Despite Vi’s efforts, Caitlyn struggles to keep the soup down due to her illness.

Vi’s Help

Vi does her best to assist Caitlyn during her illness, preparing a warm bowl of soup to help her feel better. She gently encourages Caitlyn to take small sips, hoping it will provide her some relief.

Caitlyn’s Struggle

Unfortunately, Caitlyn finds it difficult to keep the soup down. Her illness seems to be overpowering her stomach, making it hard for her to consume even simple foods. She feels frustrated and defeated by her body’s inability to cooperate.

Continued Efforts

Despite the setback, Vi continues to support Caitlyn in any way she can. She offers comforting words and tries to find alternative solutions to help ease Caitlyn’s discomfort. The two friends work together to navigate through this challenging time, hoping for a speedy recovery.

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