The Serpent’s Choice

1. Act One Scene 1

The Potter and Weasley families encounter a mysterious girl named Esmeralda Belle Greengrass at King’s Cross Station. Esmeralda appears to be afflicted by a curse with a dark and tragic history that haunts her. As the two families interact with her, they begin to uncover the secrets that surround Esmeralda and her troubling past. Despite the initial unease and uncertainty that her presence brings, there is also a sense of compassion and curiosity that draws them closer to her. The meeting at the busy station sets the stage for a series of events that will test their courage, friendship, and loyalty as they attempt to unravel the mysteries of Esmeralda’s curse.

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2. Act One Scene 2

Esmeralda finds herself standing at the threshold of the Sorting Hat ceremony, her heart pounding with nerves. As she sees students ahead of her being sorted into different houses, doubt creeps into her mind. She had always envisioned herself as a Ravenclaw, drawn to their intelligence and wit. But now, faced with the decision that will shape her Hogwarts experience, she hesitates.

As the sorting hat is placed upon her head, Esmeralda’s mind races with conflicting thoughts. Should she stay true to her initial inclination or should she explore other possibilities? The pressure of the moment weighs heavily on her, the expectations of her peers and professors looming large.

However, something stirs within Esmeralda. A sense of defiance rises up, reminding her that she is the master of her own fate. With a deep breath, she closes her eyes and focuses on her inner voice. When the hat finally speaks, its words resonate with her on a profound level…


Esmeralda’s eyes snap open in surprise, but a sense of exhilaration sweeps over her. At that moment, she knows that she has made the right choice. By confronting her fears and taking control of her destiny, Esmeralda has set herself on a path of bravery and adventure.

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