The Secret Swap

1. Adjusting to a New Body

After finding himself in Nagisa’s body, Touya is faced with the challenge of adjusting to his new physical form. The discomfort is immediately apparent as he struggles to fit into the receptionist’s uniform – a stark contrast to the comfortable clothes he typically wears. The tightness of the fabric and the unfamiliarity of the style only serve to make him feel more out of place.

As he catches sight of himself in the mirror, Touya is taken aback by the sight of Nagisa’s face staring back at him. The makeup accentuates features that are not his own, further adding to his sense of disorientation. The weight of the makeup on his skin feels foreign and heavy, a constant reminder of the body he now inhabits.

Despite the physical discomfort, Touya does his best to focus on the task at hand: arranging appointments for the day. The simple act of typing on the computer and answering phone calls suddenly feels like a monumental challenge as he struggles to navigate the unfamiliar body he now occupies. Each movement feels awkward and clumsy, as if he is learning to use his limbs for the first time.

Throughout the day, Touya grapples with the discomfort of his new body, trying to find a way to make peace with the unfamiliar sensation. As he continues to interact with clients and carry out his duties, he realizes that this is only the beginning of his journey in Nagisa’s body.

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2. A Scheduling Dilemma

Kaori raises a scheduling conflict, unaware of the body swap that has taken place between her and Touya. The mix-up has caused a meeting to overlap with another important appointment. Touya, pretending to be Kaori, suggests a quick solution to their dilemma.

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