The Secret of Black Mirror Castle

1. Sam’s Discovery

In the stables, Sam notices a wine bottle and questions the stable hand, Morris, about it. Morris reveals William as the giver of the bottle.

As Sam walked through the stables, his eyes caught sight of a wine bottle tucked away in a corner. Intrigued, he approached Morris, the stable hand, and inquired about the unexpected item in such a place. Morris, a man of few words, hesitated before revealing that William, the young stable boy, had left the bottle there earlier that day.

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2. Meeting Victoria

During a conversation with Victoria, Sam discovers more about the inhabitants of the castle. Victoria reveals that William is a recluse, rarely seen outside of his private quarters. She also mentions Bates, a loyal servant who has served the family for many years, adding an air of mystery to his character. But the most intriguing piece of information Victoria shares is about a hidden chapel rumored to be beneath the castle. Whispers of this secret place have circulated among the staff for generations, with some claiming to have glimpsed its existence, while others dismiss it as mere superstition. Sam is captivated by the idea of uncovering this enigmatic chapel and delves deeper into the history of the castle to find clues about its location. As Victoria continues to recount stories of the castle’s past, Sam’s curiosity is piqued, and a sense of adventure takes hold.

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3. Robert’s Secrets

After failing to obtain the key to the tower door from Victoria, Sam decides to confront Robert. As he approaches Robert, he can sense the evasiveness in his demeanor. Sam looks directly at Robert and demands to know if he is aware of the castle’s secrets. Robert’s expression remains unchanged as he carefully chooses his words.

Without giving a direct answer, Robert begins to speak in riddles, hinting at hidden passages and ancient legends intertwined with the castle’s history. Sam’s frustration grows as Robert continues to speak vaguely, never revealing the exact location of the key or the true nature of the secrets within the castle walls.

Despite Sam’s persistence, Robert remains elusive, leaving Sam with more questions than answers. The tension between them builds, as Sam grapples with the realization that he may never fully uncover the mysteries that lie buried within the castle’s ancient stones.

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4. Apologies and Guidance

Following Sam’s apology to Victoria, Bates provides guidance by suggesting that Sam can seek further information from either Dr. Hans Herman or Bates himself. This advice is important for Sam to gain clarity or answers to any questions he may have.

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