The Sacrifice of King Satya Harishandra

1. King’s Promise to Sage Viswamitra

King Satya Harishandra made a solemn promise to sage Viswamitra, pledging to uphold truth no matter the circumstances. This significant commitment was not taken lightly, as the king understood the importance of honesty and integrity in his life and reign. By promising to always speak the truth and uphold it at any cost, King Satya Harishandra demonstrated his strong belief in the value of honesty and righteousness.

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2. A Desperate Decision

As the weight of his promise becomes unbearable, the king finds himself faced with an impossible choice. Despite his love for his wife, he knows that he must fulfill his end of the bargain in order to save his kingdom from ruin. With a heavy heart, the king decides to make the ultimate sacrifice: he will sell his beloved wife into slavery.

The decision is not made lightly, and the king’s heart breaks as he watches his wife being taken away from him. He knows that this desperate act is necessary to ensure the survival of his people, but the guilt and sorrow gnaw at him day and night.

As his wife is led away, the king is consumed by regret and grief. He prays that she will forgive him and that she will somehow find a way to escape her fate. But deep down, he knows that he may have condemned her to a life of servitude and misery.

Despite the anguish he feels, the king knows that he must remain strong and resolute. He must do whatever it takes to protect his kingdom, even if it means sacrificing everything he holds dear. And so, with a heavy heart and tear-streaked face, the king watches as his wife disappears into the distance, knowing that he may never see her again.

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3. The Deal with Veerabahu


After much negotiation, an agreement is reached between Veerabahu and the seller. Veerabahu agrees to purchase the queen as a slave, in exchange for the promised amount that was initially offered. The terms of the deal are finalized and both parties agree to the transaction.

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4. The Ultimate Test of Truth

King Satya Harishandra faces the ultimate test of his commitment to truth as he sacrifices his own happiness for his promise.

As King Satya Harishandra’s kingdom faces a grave crisis, he is forced to make a difficult decision that tests the very core of his beliefs. In order to uphold his promise and maintain the truthfulness that defines his reign, the king must sacrifice his own happiness and personal well-being.

Despite the immense pressure and emotional turmoil this decision brings, King Satya Harishandra stands firm in his dedication to truth and justice. His unwavering resolve serves as an inspiration to his subjects, who witness firsthand the power of honor and integrity.

Through this ultimate test of truth, King Satya Harishandra demonstrates the depth of his character and the strength of his moral convictions. His actions speak louder than words, illustrating the profound impact of living a life guided by honesty and virtue.

As the story unfolds, readers are left to ponder the significance of King Satya Harishandra’s sacrifice and the timeless lessons it imparts. The ultimate test of truth serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring power of integrity, even in the face of adversity.

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