The Sacred Teachings of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

1. Dancing with Śiva

In this section, Doc Kunda introduces Lini to the concept that all motion originates from God and the importance of surrendering to the sacred flow of the universe.

Doc Kunda shares with Lini the profound idea that all movement in the world is ultimately derived from the divine source. By recognizing this truth, one can start to perceive the underlying unity and purpose in all actions. This understanding allows individuals to tap into the powerful energy that flows through everything and everyone, aligning themselves with the rhythm of the cosmos.

Furthermore, surrendering to the sacred flow of the universe is emphasized as a key aspect of leading a harmonious and fulfilling life. By relinquishing the need for control and instead entrusting oneself to the inherent wisdom of the universe, one can experience a profound sense of peace and interconnectedness. This surrender does not imply passivity but rather a deep trust in the unfolding of events in accordance with a higher plan.

Through dancing with Śiva, the supreme god of transformation and destruction in Hindu mythology, individuals can learn to release their attachments and fears, welcoming change and growth with open arms. This symbolic dance represents the continuous cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction that governs the universe, inviting individuals to flow with this cosmic rhythm and embrace the beauty of impermanence.

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2. Living with Śiva

Doc Kunda elaborates on the concept of living with Śiva to Lini. He explains how every experience in life, whether good or bad, is a valuable tool for our spiritual evolution. By keeping God’s presence in our hearts at all times, we can navigate through life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

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3. Merging with Śiva

As Lini delves deeper into her spiritual journey, she is guided by Doc Kunda towards the ultimate destination of the soul – merging with Śiva. This concept opens up a new perspective for Lini, allowing her to understand the interconnectedness of all beings and the universe.

Doc Kunda emphasizes the importance of fulfilling worldly obligations before embarking on the journey of enlightenment. He explains that these obligations are karmic ties that need to be resolved before one can truly merge with Śiva. By fulfilling these obligations, one can attain a sense of closure and liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

The notion of embarking on the journey of enlightenment unburdened by karma resonates deeply with Lini. She realizes that by resolving her earthly duties, she can pave the way for a smoother spiritual journey towards merging with the divine.

Through Doc Kunda’s teachings, Lini gains a newfound sense of purpose and determination. She is inspired to delve even deeper into her spiritual practice, with the ultimate goal of merging with Śiva as the guiding light in her journey towards enlightenment.

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