The Role Reversal

1. The Ideal Picture

Karachi Saba Faisal arrives home from a long day at work. She kicks off her high heels and walks into the kitchen to her husband Faisal who lights the candles on the dinner table and embraces her in a warm hug. Her two girls twin age six are running from the playroom to greet her. Their handsome twelve year old boy looks up from his computer and smiles at her.

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2. The Backstory

In the past, Saba was a housewife after their son was born, while Faisal was the breadwinner. Due to financial problems, Faisal requested Saba to join work, and he arranged a job for her in his office. Saba quickly surpassed Faisal at work and eventually became his boss, leading to Faisal quitting his job.

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3. Current Situation

Saba is now the CEO and Faisal is the stay-at-home dad. The relationship dynamic between them has changed, and Faisal may have become more submissive in their relationship.

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4. Faisal’s Desire

Despite the role reversal, Faisal still desires financial independence and may have conversations with Saba regarding his need for autonomy in the relationship.

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5. Dinner Table Conversations

At the dinner table, Faisal may ask for permission from Saba in a clear and respectful manner, reflecting their evolved roles and relationship.

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