The Rise of Westly

1. Meeting of the Gods

Kurea, a goddess of choices, attends a gathering of deities to discuss the future of humanity. As she enters the grand hall where the meeting is held, she is greeted by the sight of gods from various pantheons: Zeus from Greek mythology, Ra from Egyptian mythology, and Odin from Norse mythology, among others.

The atmosphere is tense as the gods debate the fate of humanity. Some argue that humans should be left to their own devices, while others believe they need divine intervention to thrive. Kurea listens intently, weighing the arguments presented by her fellow deities.

Her unique perspective as the goddess of choices allows her to see both sides of the argument. She understands the importance of free will, but also recognizes the potential consequences of leaving humanity to its own devices. As the discussion continues, Kurea begins to form her own opinion on the matter.

After a lengthy debate, the gods finally come to a decision. Kurea’s heart is heavy as she realizes the weight of the choice they have made. Humanity’s fate now hangs in the balance, and she knows that her role as the goddess of choices will be more important than ever before.

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2. Discovery of Westly

An ethereal being calls upon the attention of the divine entities, directing their gaze towards the terrestrial realm. A peculiar sight unfolds before them – Westly, a grotesque aberration born from the remnants of human folly. This abomination, a mutant monster forged by the destructive forces of nuclear waste, stands as a stark reminder of the consequences of unchecked hubris.

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3. Devastation in Japan

Westly destroys a city in Japan, leaving behind a wasteland of radiation and mutating animals.

Devastation in Japan

The city in Japan which was once bustling with life has been completely annihilated by Westly’s destructive powers. The aftermath of his attack has resulted in a desolate wasteland, where nothing but radiation and mutation prevails. The once vibrant city now stands as a stark reminder of the devastation brought upon by Westly.

Radiation and Mutation

The radiation levels in the area are off the charts, making it highly hazardous for any living organism to survive. The impact of this radiation has caused animals in the vicinity to undergo mutations, turning them into grotesque and dangerous creatures. These mutated animals now roam the wasteland, posing a threat to anyone who dares to venture into the area.

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4. A New Era

As Kurea looks out at Earth, she can sense a shift in the prevailing winds of change. The once looming threat of nuclear weapons that could wipe out entire civilizations is no longer the specter that hangs over humanity. Instead, a new era is dawning, one where the destructive power of such weapons no longer holds sway over the planet.

With this realization comes a sense of hope, of the possibility of a brighter future for all beings on Earth. The absence of nuclear weapons means that countries are no longer held captive by the threat of mutual destruction, opening up new opportunities for cooperation and peace.

Kurea understands that this new era brings with it its own challenges and uncertainties. Without the looming shadow of nuclear annihilation, new threats and dangers may arise, requiring vigilance and cooperation from all nations. Yet, she remains optimistic, believing that humanity has the resilience and ingenuity to face whatever challenges come their way.

As she gazes at the peaceful planet below, Kurea is filled with a sense of wonder and awe at the possibilities that lie ahead. The new era that Earth is entering is one of hope, promise, and the potential for a future that is brighter and more harmonious than ever before.

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