The Rise of Polaris and Abeloth

1. Banishment from the Jedi Order

Following the discovery of their secret relationship, Polaris and Barriss face the consequences of their actions within the Jedi Order. As a result of their actions, they are reluctantly banished from the Jedi Order. This decision is made by the council of Jedi Masters, who view such relationships as a violation of the Jedi Code and a threat to the harmony and balance of the Order.

For Polaris and Barriss, this banishment is a devastating blow. Being Jedi was not simply a title or a job for them; it was a way of life, a part of their identity. The Order provided them with guidance, purpose, and a sense of belonging. Now, all of that has been taken away from them.

As they are escorted out of the Jedi Temple, Polaris and Barriss feel a mix of emotions – guilt, regret, sadness, and anger. They know that they have brought this upon themselves, but they can’t help but feel a sense of injustice as well. They wonder if there could have been another way, if there could have been forgiveness and understanding instead of harsh punishment.

Despite their banishment, Polaris and Barriss are determined to find a way to redeem themselves and prove that they are still capable of following the Jedi ways, even if they are no longer officially part of the Order. Their journey ahead is uncertain, but they know that they must stay true to their beliefs and principles, no matter what challenges may come their way.

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2. Fall to the Dark Side

As the story progresses, Barriss finds herself slowly succumbing to the dark side of the Force. Manipulated by Darth Sideous, she becomes an inquisitor, doing the bidding of the dark lord without question. Her once strong sense of morality and justice is clouded by the influence of the dark side, causing her to commit acts that she would have previously deemed unthinkable.

On the other hand, Polaris, Barriss’s childhood friend, is also tempted by the dark side. However, unlike Barriss, Polaris manages to resist the lure of darkness. The internal struggle within her is vividly portrayed as she grapples with her own desires and the external pressures pulling her towards the dark side.

Despite facing great challenges and immense temptations, Polaris ultimately chooses the path of light, determined to stay true to her core beliefs and values. Her unwavering resolve serves as a beacon of hope in the shadow of Barriss’s fall, showcasing the strength of her character and the power of her inner light.

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3. Training with Abeloth

During this period, Polaris dedicates himself to training with the powerful Abeloth. Under her guidance, he learns to harness his innate abilities and push past his limits. Abeloth’s unconventional methods challenge Polaris, forcing him to confront his fears and weaknesses head-on. Despite the difficulties, Polaris finds himself drawn to Abeloth in ways he cannot explain. As their training progresses, Polaris begins to develop a deep connection with Abeloth, rooted in admiration and respect. However, as the bond between them grows stronger, Polaris realizes that his feelings for Abeloth have evolved from mere admiration to something deeper – love.

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4. The Conception of a Powerful Entity

Abeloth finds herself with child, but this is no ordinary pregnancy. The being growing within her is not a mere mortal, but a powerful force entity. News of this development spreads like wildfire, sending shockwaves through the galaxy.

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5. The War Begins

As tensions rose between the Jedi, Sith, and Emperor, the looming threat of Polaris and Abeloth’s power cast a shadow over the galaxy. The fear of the unknown and the destructive potential possessed by these two entities ignited the flames of war.

Each faction sought to gain an upper hand in the conflict, vying for control and supremacy. The Jedi, guided by their principles of peace and balance, found themselves forced to take up arms to confront this unprecedented threat. The Sith, drawn to the dark side of the Force, saw an opportunity to harness this power for their own nefarious purposes.

Meanwhile, the Emperor, a cunning and manipulative figure, played both sides against each other, using the chaos to further his own agenda. The galaxy descended into chaos as battles raged across countless worlds, leaving devastation in their wake.

Amidst the carnage, alliances were formed and broken, betrayals ran rampant, and the lines between friend and foe blurred. The war took a toll on all who were caught in its crossfire, forcing many to question their loyalties and beliefs.

As the conflict escalated, the galaxy held its breath, waiting to see who would emerge victorious in this struggle for ultimate power and control. The future hung in the balance, as the forces of light and darkness clashed in a battle that would shape the fate of all.

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6. Destruction of the Light and Dark Side

To achieve a lasting peace, Polaris and Abeloth make a bold decision – they will no longer tolerate the existence of the traditional light and dark sides of the Force. Instead, they opt to create a new side that combines elements of both, representing a harmonious balance between the opposing forces.

This radical choice marks a significant turning point in the galaxy’s history. By dismantling the age-old dichotomy between light and dark, Polaris and Abeloth hope to pave the way for a new era of understanding and cooperation. They believe that by embracing both aspects of the Force, individuals can transcend the limitations imposed by rigid adherence to one side or the other.

As they embark on this monumental task, Polaris and Abeloth face numerous challenges and obstacles. The entrenched beliefs and practices of Jedi and Sith alike stand in their way, unwilling to relinquish their long-held ideologies. However, Polaris and Abeloth remain steadfast in their conviction that the creation of a new Force side is not only necessary but essential for the galaxy’s survival.

Through their combined efforts and unwavering determination, Polaris and Abeloth gradually begin to reshape the Force itself, infusing it with a new energy that transcends conventional boundaries. As the light and dark sides fade into obscurity, a new paradigm emerges, ushering in an era of unprecedented unity and harmony.

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